CA:Acquitted in Criminal Ct, You Lose Your Animals Anyway

According to the new law passed this year, if you are ACQUITTED of animal abuse or negligence, you can lose the animals anyway, if the prosecuting attorney files a petition that forfeits your animal to the government. Oh sure, you get a “hearing” but haven’t you just been acquitted?  So in other words, acquittal doesn’t mean you really won. NOW you also would have to prove to a Judge that you can legally take care of animals.

Also, the other law that was passed LAST year, says that one cannot sell or give away an animal outside unless one is a non profit.  NOW cities in So Cal are trying to outlaw all pet stores from selling pets. They start with dogs, cats, rabbits and will surely move to include all types of animals, amphibians, fish, reptiles, birds, etc.

Don’t believe us?  Just wait. The handwriting is on the wall.  It will become illegal to buy any type of animal or resell it.  This isn’t a joke.  You will end up having to broker your animal via a shelter or rescue or “non profit” and no sales allowed.  Don’t believe us?  We are easily 7 years ahead of our time and have long forseen this.  Plus we are usually always right.


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