AR Dogs Deserve Better Thief Tammy Grimes aka Thayne-Cruelty Charges

Bad Newz at Good Newz: Dogs Deserve Better founder charged with cruelty

(Photo: Adrin Snider / Daily Press)   (another news article)  “Since opening in June 2011, the Good Newz Rehab Center – which currently has eight formerly chained dogs on site – has been operating without required approval of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, according to Dan Kovich, a state veterinarian.  In a Sept. 10 letter to Thayne, Kovich ordered Thayne to place the organization’s eight remaining dogs into foster homes by Sept. 30.”     Tamira Thayne runs a dog rescue out of a home in Surry County that was once owned by NFL quarterback Michael Vick.

Another news report:       The founder of the dog rescue organization that moved its headquarters into Michael Vick’s old house was charged Monday with animal cruelty, the Daily Press in Hampton Roads reported.

Surry County deputies served a search warrant at Dogs Deserve Better’s Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs. According to court records, they were looking for Tasers and mace allegedly used on the rescued dogs.  Authorities said the search and investigation were prompted by allegations from former staff and volunteers working at the center on Moonlight Drive — the same house where Philadelphia Eagles quarterback lived when he bankrolled a dog-fighting operation.

Dogs Deserve Better founder Tamira Thayne was charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty and one count of inadequate care of animals, also a misdemeanor, according to Surry County Chief Animal Control Officer Tracy Terry.  She’s scheduled to appear Sept. 25 in Surry General District Court.

According to the search warrant, deputies were searching for all paperwork connected to dogs that have been housed on the property since the facility opened in June 2011, including veterinary records and receipts.The search warrant alleged that “animals are being maced and tased on regular basis” and dogs are being crated for long periods, up to 19 hours a day. According to the warrant, injured and sick dogs are not getting proper veterinary care.  Terry declined to discuss what, if anything, was found in the search.

Authorities removed one dog from the kennel, but Terry refused to say why. Terry said she began investigating July 20 after receiving mailed complaints, including pictures, from current and former employees and volunteers.

PD:  IF in fact—any tasers or mace WERE used–and IF it was to save a person from a dog attack, to  stop dogs from actually harming each OTHER—– that’s one thing.  However that brings up the question of why one is hoarding dogs that one cannot really train, rehab, or otherwise control.  It also sheds light on the fact that MOST people do NOT know or understand dog-dog aggression, how it is or is not related to breeds of dogs, how it is or is not related to the ongoing saga of why bullies are probably the most hated type of dog in America, especially  thanks to Colleen Lynn out of Washington? and before Lynn, Kory Nelson of Denver?

It is common sense to know that IF a dog is animal or dog-dog aggressive, you do not take or hoard such dogs unless you yourself know what you are doing, AND can handle such dogs. Usually a dog aggressive dog must always be carefully supervised and in general, would not be left with any other dogs unless they are securely separated.  A docile dog does not necessarily display dog aggression  in front of people, but might only display such conduct when only other dogs are present.  Rescuers of dog aggressive dogs will quickly find that what they see is not necessarily what they get.

Thus if one is intent on rescuing bully dogs or any other dog— where one does not know if the dog is or is not dog aggressive,  it is preferable to have a dog expert on the team.  And even if the expert realizes that a dog is dog aggressive, the question then becomes that one does NOT rescue such dogs UNLESS one absolutely knows how to place such a dog, the resulting potential liability for the dog’s behavior, and the disclosure for the dog’s propensity for same. We know that many bully rescues are highly selective in choosing rescues, because the breed line is unknown.

The one thing that a sure breed line imparts is usually one will know if the dog is or is not dog aggressive. But most rescues have no clue as to whether the dogs are a certain breed or type to begin with.  And if the rescue is one like the group that helped take some of Vick’s dogs, they place only a very small amount of dogs yearly because they want the dogs to be past the puppy stage and preferably closer to 2yr old to determine animal aggression, of which a certain amount is to be expected in some cases, but not all, and is not considered a fault in the dog type.  Thus knowing this, a rescuer would not want to load up on dogs they cannot handle or place, or where so many dogs needed to be secured that it poses a liability problem for the staff.  This is common sense.  Without  an expert on the staff, or expert that assesses the dogs,   it is obvious that problems can arise.

This is why many rescue AR groups fail.  They are NOT experts, don’t have an expert, and don’t know jack about rehabilitation.  Rehabilitation is expensive and although possible, it should not be done by volunteers who don’t know what they are doing!  And a lot of behavior in dogs simply cannot be out trained, period.  Biting dogs should not be adopted out.  But they are.  We see no point to selling aggressive dogs unless they are purposely going to be guard dogs.  But that’s us.  Too many rescues get away with adopting out really crappy dogs from shelters or those that have been rehomed 8 times.  In CA, rescues CAN take dogs that fail temperament testing……..That should not happen.  But it does.


5 thoughts on “AR Dogs Deserve Better Thief Tammy Grimes aka Thayne-Cruelty Charges

  1. I generally agree with you on most points: You observations about pitbulls & temperment I absolutely do not.

    By your words you would sentence every dog that is afraid in a shelter environment to immediate death. The REASON dogs are able to be released to rescue that are questionable on the SAFER scale is because we all know that they can all fail in a shelter environment.

    Not all of us in rescue are foaming at the mouth animal rights nutjobs out to endanger the public, & release the hounds of hell on the general public to eat other people dogs, cats & children.

    Most rescuers are also not as dumb as your post would lead others to believe, we most certainly know a terrier or a mix when we see one or when we get one, most of us in rescue that are above board know more than we care to explain to anyone about “rehabilitation”. I generally only take dogs that need extra work, rehab, training or medical care. I have never had any incidents of dog bites, or attacks because I am very careful of how & where I place the dogs.

    Incidentally the ONLY dog I ever had to put down for aggression issues passed every SAFER test there was at the shelter, & did great at our house until 4 weeks later when in one day he tried to attack my other dogs, no warning, no cues, & then proceeded to try to “hunt” a neighbor child. I immediately put him in my car, & took him in & had him euthanized less than 20 minutes after the whole ordeal, & it is the reason I keep dogs for a period of time to make sure that won’t happen in someone’s home.

    As for Ms DDB, anyone with an acorn of sense should not have a dog they can not handle or adopt out, there are too many good dogs at shelters dying everyday while they are wasting precious time, space & resources for dogs that are not. Anyone who claims to love the Pittie Breeds also agree that in order to remove the stigmatism that is attached to the breed, you only want to put the best of the best out into the world, saving a dog for the sake of saving a dog without regard as to what you can or can’t do with them is irresponsible at best, deadly at the worst.

    If you have to approach a dog with mace & a stun gun… You should probably do the humane thing & put the dog down. What you failed to capture or maybe even understand is that these dogs weren’t being kept to be adopted out, or even rehabbed, they were being kept to garner donations to support their lifestyle & further demonize people who leave their dogs outside.

  2. Excellent observations. But this is aimed at them. Rescues that know what they are doing simply do not do the things that are unreasonable. Without getting people to understand that some rescues DO exactly what we said— no one would ever know it is done at all. Your answer is quite on point, as many rescues are simply hoarders and not all rescues are. But look at Grace Fdn, 150 to 200 horses that they cannot feed. And they are not uncommon. Rather, they would take animals to pimp off to raise
    money, just like HSUS would do. Vick was pimped off for publicity, even negative publicity. so negative views bring readers and they know it, and WE know it. *evil smirk* LOL difference is, we make zero money
    and they make millions. It is true that some rescues will take the worst of the worst to use them as donation getters, and to rehome them over and over because we have seen it time and again, despite not saying it every day. This normally causes rescues to go broke if the donation pimping doesnt work.

  3. I am dealing with a couple rescues that I think are what you are talking about, they only take the hard luck cases, & every week they are parading them around for money but then I have potential adopters coming to me complaining that they couldn’t get an animal from these rescues & when I asked them WHY they were denied I made sure after applying for an animal myself that I didn’t include any of the reasons they would deny someone & still got denied…. I don’t know if they are con artists or hoarders yet.

    Don’t get me started on the DIS-Grace Foundation!!! It is okay for them to threaten to abandon helpless animals because they aren’t getting enough money for them??? Yet the owner falling on hard times is a CRIME??? IDIOTS >:~(

  4. Tammy Thayne doesn’t even bother repeated rehoming, she just abandons them. Recently she was asked to take a high profile DDB dog, Mary Jane, back from her adopted family. She said, “she didn’t want her”, yet she still has that dog’s story on her website with a “donate” button. Like usual, another rescue cleaned up the mess she left behind.

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