Eviction–Sacto Animal Control Officer Shot+Killed, Not Bank employee

The grief that is felt by a former coworker of Officer Marcum in the aftermath of this senseless tragedy was expressed:    “He was a Sac County officer. Been there a long time and even his wife had been an officer then worked in the office while I was there. Nice man- easy going. Was always helping the other guys. One of the least confrontational ACOs we had. Was just a routine call of animals left in a house. They don’t wear protection vest. Very sad day.”

Sacramento County Animal Control Director David Dickinson told KCRA 3 the death hit his department hard and the office had closed for the day. The city of Sacramento animal control was responding to emergency calls to allow Officer Marcum’s colleagues to grieve for the loss of one of their own. [sources cited below near end]

(Below) November 28, 2012 http://blogs.sacbee.com/crime/archives/2012/11/animal-control-officer-shot-in-galt-suspect-in-standoff-with-police.html

galt_truckB.jpgBy Kim Minugh and Ed Fletcher

Police officers have had two brief phone conversations with the suspect shooter who has barricaded himself in a Galt home after fatally shooting an animal control officer earlier today, according to authorities.

The suspect shooter, who lived at the 1st street home until being evacuated Tuesday, is 65-year-old Joseph Francis Corey, said Sacramento County sheriff’s Sgt. Jason Ramos.

“The primary goal is to get him to come out and surrender,” Ramos said, adding later: “We are trying to establish his state of mind.”

NOTE: PD’s Question: Was  owner TRYING to shoot the BANK person?  Or was he trying to shoot Animal Control?  Which one is worse?  Could he even see through the front door to aim?   And here is the AR angle on the story, by another AC officer himself:  

“Sorrels also explained the dangers of the job.  He said it’s not the animals that pose the biggest safety threat.”

“I would definitely say the people element is harder to deal with, in my own experience. People think of their animals as their children,” Sorrels adds. “And they don’t want to give them up under any circumstance.”     WELL, then, WHO do we have to thank for that premise?  AR wingnuts. Peta, HSUS, ALDF, ASPCA, Best Friends, every AR in the country.  And don’t be surprised if HSUS comes back with a new LAW in CA where AC officers [or just volunteer “humane officers?] need to be armed to fend off bad owners, because the “people” are the problem.  That issue was already hashed out several years ago by HSUS making a change to the CA humane officer law/SPCA formation.   Another newstory made sure to say that the AC officer was not carrying a gun. It wouldn’t have mattered since the shot that killed the AC officer came straight through the front door, and apparently no one believed the owner was either inside, or that he was armed. Or whether there were any animals inside.

But this brings up the AR issue also, of what price can be paid to SAVE animals? Should larceny, arson, bombing, threats, stalking, computer crimes, running people out of business, decimating an animal related business like a pet store, evicting breeders based on bias, making laws that are bordering on unconstitutional or which are illegal– be USED to  purportedly “save” animals? Most of the laws claim to benefit the public health, safety and welfare in general, even without the rationale.  As we know, many hard core AR groups notorious for crimes used to “save” animals believe they can do whatever it will take. Killing people is not necessarily ruled out, but [as in Satanism belief]– killing people is not a crime, but killing animals for food is.

In most cases, groups taking responsibility for huge arson and destruction like that done to Harris Ranch property normally do not try and kill people.
Their major purpose is to make a huge dent in the wallet while making headlines.  HSUS is completely different; HSUS’  game is to make headlines,  PROFITEER $$$$, write/lobby for laws where HSUS gets their own personnel inside, HSUS can profiteer from implementing a corporation designed to profit from such regulation. HSUS has long ago infiltrated the government, despite the AETA.  After all, HSUS knows all aspects of APHIS.  HSUS wrote the book on shelter industry, shelter killing, and the book on HOW to kill almost any animal in existence, entitled “THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES EUTHANASIA TRAINING MANUAL” [see detailed post on this on this blog by using search box on right column.]

(Bee story cont;d below)

Authorities have not yet released the name of the animal control officer killed in the early afternoon shooting. A bank official who was with him suffered a “superficial wound,” Ramos said.

Ramos said an armed sheriff’s deputy evicted the resident Tuesday. At that point, the locks were changed. The resident reportedly told the deputy that he had nowhere to take his animals, and that is why an animal control officer accompanied the bank officer today, Ramos said.

The resident was not supposed to be at the home today; it was not clear how he got back inside the house, Ramos said.

The shooting occurred in the 600 block of 1st Street. The bank officer and animal control officer approached the home when a shotgun blast came through the closed front door, striking the animal control officer in the torso, Ramos said. The bank officer flagged down a nearby Galt police volunteer, who pulled the animal control officer to safety. Paramedics tried to revive the victim, but were not successful.

Several agencies have arrived to assist Galt police, including Elk Grove and Sacramento police officers and sheriff’s deputies.

In Sacramento County, animal control officers are not sworn peace officers and they are not armed, according to a county spokesman.
Photo caption: Police personnel on the street at the scene where an animal control officer was fatally shot this morning as the officer assisted a bank officer conducting business related to an eviction, according to authorities. Photo by Randy Pench / rpench@sacbee.com

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