Bad Traits Common in Attempted CL Give Aways and Re-home

Give aways and Rehome Ads– 5 different dogs.  We are of the belief that  novice dog owners and those with weak personalities should avoid rehomed animals until they have gained a lot of dog experience and have done a lot of reading on training. It is very difficult to command a dog if the dog is going to be the master and not vice versa.  Many ARs have ridiculous beliefs concerning animal behavior and will interpret dangerous behavior by an animal as acceptable. Biting people is not acceptable.

6-8 Month old Yoshi is a Chiwawa [sic] mixed puppy.
We adopted Yoshi at 2 Months old from Auburn SPCA
He is neutered and Up to date on all shots along with micro chipped.
Preferably to a home with Kids 4 & UP. He nips at his young age and doesn’t know better when playing. Learning to potty train and doing great although we do still have an accident every now and then but mistake. 
Yoshi is free to a good home and will go with food and water dish and a new kennel. Reality:  dog is not likely 6-8mo, but looks much older, and far bigger than any chihuahua we have seen; 6-8mo is old enough to not nip anyone *and* be housebroken…. Won’t be getting another shelter dog. Puppyhood wore off fast. You even get the water dish.


I took her in, but I have to move and I can’t take her with me. She is a 4 year old female german shepherd. She has been mostly outside dog and needs help with her manners and is it not house broken. She is free to a good home. Reality: dog is out of control, can’t behavior train her (and it isn’t a puppy) and isn’t housebroken, ruining the house and tearing up everything. No pic shown, could be only part GSD. Goodbye.


I have a friend of mines dog who is a all white bull mastiff, he is not a family dog at all and has bitten a few people but not bad bites… all out of trying to protect his owner…
My friend is going to have him put down if i cant find a home who can understand and meet his special needs… (Which are only based on his aggression) see if he might be what you are looking for….. he is still kinda of young and is a big dog…. Reality: Probably an accident waiting to happen–“big” and has already bitten a “few” people. Either  improperly trained, aggressive, or both; or should just be a guard dog period, if that’s all he can do. This is not a special needs dog based on aggression. Bites probably not reported. This is just plain dangerous.


…….he was traumatized and he started peeing and pooing all over the house (his favorite places being in our clean laundry and on daughters bed) anytime he was left alone. So, we’ve tried crating him and he poos and pees in there, we even got two big doggy buddies to keep him company and help him feel safe, tried potty pads and most recently just started leaving our back door open whenever we leave so he can go in and out at will. However, nothing has worked and he still pees and poos inside. Because of his intense separation anxiety (dog is 9yr old) he needs a home where someone is always with him. He would probably benefit from doggie therapy, but can’t afford it. He’s also an escape artist and he’ll roam whenever he can (though he does come home) so he’ll need a very secure yard or lots of property. He’s very sensitive to any noise and will bark at the slightest sound.  he needs so much attention.  Reality: Regardless of how dog got like this, it would likely take someone who has exceptional patience and past experience. Dog would have to be re-acclimated to more sounds as a general rule. Definitely a problem, but maybe fixable to some extent. At that age not especially promising.


Unfortunately, I was not given all the information when I bought her. Gracie has a friendly personality and plays nicely with visiting children, but sometimes she growls when you try to move her from a resting place (the couch). Its happened about 6 times in the three weeks we’ve had her. I contacted a trainer who said, “This is a dominance trait and can be worked on, but Gracie should be in a home with adults and older children 13+ years.” This seems to be more of an “irritated growl,” but my parents don’t want to take a chance with the young grandchildren. I’d like to find Gracie a home with adults or older children; someone familiar with small breeds. $65.00 fee….. Reality:  $65 bucks for what appears to be a biter is pretty high. The dog should not be on the couch or bed and is probably overly spoiled. Don’t think it’s really something limited to “small” breeds. People tend to allow small breeds to go anywhere they want and tend to allow them way too much leeway. Dog only weighs 6lb and expected to be 10lb. The last 10lb rescue we got had been thru the UCDavis former behavior program and did not do well. In fact he had a past horrible habit of attacking people, multiple biting attacks breaking the skin, jumping into such attacks; going from one extreme to another. Friendly one minute, then attacking.  We think the dog was schizoid and should be put down, as the dog was given to rescue WITHOUT telling us about his biting frenzy habits, or that he had been in the UCD problem program. We gave him back to UCD with opinion he should be destroyed.


The best things about these ads though, is it looks like the owners were trying to be honest as to the faults they felt the dogs had. At least that much was apparent.


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