APHIS+Proposed Regs: Stop the HSUS Gravy Train!

Earlier this year HSUS got its illicit AR hand into tinkering with APHIS regs, in an attempt to change the regs  by claiming that since pet stores are already regulated, pet stores are not an issue but breeders that are trying to fly under the radar are the problem. Yet HSUS+friends claim its the breeders/pet stores, but in the law re APHIS regulations, now say the pet stores are not an issue? [see link at end, to the document filed by Frank Losey, Esq, to APHIS in opposition/response to the HSUS proposed changes to APHIS]

THIS IS CALLED HSUS DECEPTION FOR $$$$– 100%–HSUS writing the APHIS regs. Insane.

The proposed changes would essentially try to dismantle (in effect) the way the Doris Day v Venneman case distinguished hobby breeders from pet stores, in a published case which resulted in HSUS losing….but ever since then HSUS has continued to try the PM angle, the abuse angle, the no pet store angle, the no breeding angle, the commercial kennels are all PM angle, the no goldfish, no reptiles, no exotic birds, no exotic fish, no exotics period, no purebreds, etc– and then embarked on joining with Best Friends, Los angeles stars whoring off “shelter” discards, and so much bullshit with Vick and fake stories it blows your mind. Well not really…more like par for the course of a group that has no veracity, credibility or ethics.

Mind you, all the while, HSUS is then trying to divide and conquer the show fanciers, by getting AKC fanciers to take their side, and to blame “PMs” when in reality, alleged PMs are nothing but people who use sloppy methods to raise animals BUT people DO WANT THOSE ANIMALS.  There is a market for those animals. If we were to say that discarded kids, kids that were taken from parents, kids that are orphans, are all CRAP because of their discarded status or their parents were no good, would that mean the kids are no good?  The kids are crap?  Of course not. There are laws for errant parents, there are laws for commercial kennels, there are laws for drunk drivers.

No one HAS to buy anything.  But for all the years that commercial kennels have existed, do we REALLY think that just because HSUS goes undercover that EVERY commercial kennel is like what HSUS tells everyone?  Do we really think that just because we can hunt down some drug house, some gang bang hideout, some illegal meth place, that EVERY person who does drugs or has done drugs before, belongs to such a gang, or meth lab, or drug house?  That’s ridiculous.

By HSUS simply using let’s say 3 alleged PM videos and having 15 ARs promote them online to every source they can think of, the story just keeps repeating itself like the commercials to give $20 per month to save the children, to save the kids with burn injuries, to save the kids with cleft palates, to save the South American this and that, to save the blah blah blah.  We have become so indoctrinated to seeing these commercials, the videos, the websites, the AR mantra logos, the pathetic pictures, the propaganda, propaganda, propaganda— that as real people we start to forget and just go on auto pilot.

We FORGET THAT HSUS MANUFACTURES PROPAGANDA!!!!!  They are in fact, masters at deception.  The fact that many people BUY INTO THEIR CRAP proves it.

Everything they do uses propaganda, even the LAWS they write. This is evident because when a normal person rehoming an animal outside is ANIMAL ABUSE under HSUS LAW,  but it’s not abuse if a NON PROFIT DOES IT— guess what?  That’s baloney propaganda claiming non profits cannot be guilty of abuse prima facie.  It doesn’t get much more non rational than that. Shelters nationwide and in CA alone have been found guilty of some of the worst violations in the law!

http://www.bookrags.com/notes/af/TOP3.html   Goes step by step showing how propaganda is used in the book Animal Farm

http://www.slideshare.net/darkyla/propaganda-6770343  Propaganda Methods shown with examples pointed out, techniques and how used.  We suggest you at least take a look at how these methods are used because you will start to see it on TV and every ad you ever read, see or view.

http://mason.gmu.edu/~amcdonal/Propaganda%20Techniques.html   Plainly explains how the general types of propaganda work

Although the public doesn’t generally realize it, ALL advertising takes some form of propaganda. If you have not ever studied how propaganda works, then we suggest you look it up, we have several links on this site.  Indoctrination and propaganda all work on the brain and on emotion.  When one cannot be astute enough, and one does not think clearly, one can easily BUY INTO a load of crappola by HSUS and not even realize it.  So when legislators read the crap that HSUS churns out, they could even believe it themselves because most legislators don’t discern much, if you get our drift?  Politics is NOT about what is right.  Politics has nothing to do with what is right.

Example: The California Legislature approved a bill that extends more expansive cage requirements to all eggs sold in California, regardless of where the eggs are produced, which is supposed to start in 2015.  Iowa produces about 30 percent of the eggs purchased in California. King (from Iowa) successfully included in the House farm bill a measure that would bar California and other states from essentially exporting their cage standards to agricultural producers in Iowa. King says that California’s law violates the clause in the Constitution (Commerce Clause) that gives Congress the power to regulate commerce among the states.

King said his amendment will “ensure that radical organizations like the Humane Society of the United States and PETA are prohibited from establishing a patchwork of restrictive state laws aimed at slowly suffocating production agriculture out of existence,” King said after the House Agriculture Committee passed it.  HSUS then made ads targeting King, but never mentioned the Commerce Clause, but instead focused on dogfighting becoming a federal crime, for example.  As we know, HSUS would want dogfighting to be a federal crime so HSUS could be involved in TAKING forfeiture proceeds.

HSUS tried to give Vilsack a $1,000 donation, but the campaign declined the money. It has a policy of not accepting donations from groups that lobby the U.S. Agriculture Department, headed by Vilsack’s husband, Tom, the former governor of Iowa.

HSUS pretends it is about what is “right” but reality shows, it is just the opposite. HSUS is a lobbying and political entity, period.  HSUS simply used time tested propaganda tactics and advertising to sugar coat their real hidden agenda which actually isn’t quite so hidden.  The crap about saving shelter dogs really= using shelter dogs as ruse to gain ARs via emotion, to give their $$ to HSUS and to volunteer.  The crap about PMs is really = using a highly emotional example to others so it will REPEL others (the public), disarm breeders, divide fanciers, and cause show fanciers to hate the “PMs” and thus want to disassociate from “them.”  It’s divide and conquer, to get the weaker ones to join HSUS so as to seemingly “save” themselves. Trust us, it won’t work, it amounts to gang members killing  to save themselves. You’re still killing.  We think that people have learned to “hate” PMs more than child abusers, elder abusers, rapists, molestors, and anyone who preys on kids. We think that’s how far HSUS, Oprah and Ellen have taken this nonsense. People fall for it because they are lazy and not thinking. Autopilot. No brain power.

“If you want to test cosmetics, why do it on some poor animal who hasn’t done anything? They should use prisoners who have been convicted of murder or rape instead. So, rather than seeing if perfume irritates a bunny rabbit’s eyes, they should throw it in Charles Manson’s eyes and ask him if it hurts.”
―Ellen Degeneres

HSUS knows there is substandard in everything, and HSUS just plays the fiddle and the non-initiated simply start following the HSUS premise, that all breeding is wrong, all breeders are PMS and all buying is wrong.  One need not be very smart to see what this is—– it is all a manufactured, purposely planned, financial game plan, in order to take over the industry; to create industry standards, to implement industry standards, to get compliance with the industry standards, and then to benefit financially from the standards by hiring their own people to implement, run, design and retrofit so they end up with constant income to their own subsidiaries.

This is a self fullfilling plan by HSUS.  Once this happens over time, as long as HSUS continues to increase its income and maintain its 501(c)(3) status, they can only be stopped by corporations LARGER than HSUS with more political clout. Thousands of  animal owners (like a million) can all step up and refuse to buy into HSUS crap.  Thousands of new animal owners can buy whatever animal they can legally buy.  Thousands of kids can learn that exotic birds and fish are a good hobby and learn how to care for them.

NO KIDS NEED TO BELIEVE THAT ONE MUST ADOPT, ADOPT, ADOPT or that NO PETS COME FROM PET STORES.  These learned behaviors stem from a society that is very warped by AR extremists.  Don’t teach your kids, your grandkids, any school kids, even junior and senior high school kids this hogwash.  If kids are not taught otherwise, many of them simply believe what they see on TV– and HSUS is on TV.  HSUS NEVER tells the truth, period.  There is ALWAYS some deception in there, whether it’s leaving out information, tweaking the facts, ignoring the facts, fabricating the facts, substituting the facts, piling on the bullshit like pretending they owned and had custody of animals they never had, rescuing animals they didn’t rescue, saving animals they didn’t save, you name it, HSUS has likely already done it.

Now if HSUS put an ad on TV that said “We are an AR lobbying organization, we design laws that will take your animals so you can’t own them, and we don’t believe in the breeding of animals, or the consumption of animal products at all”  we all know HSUS would never make any $$$$.

Thus HSUS Deception for $$$ is what they spin because it’s all about the jack, it’s always been all about the jack, and it will always be all about the $$$, while also CONTROLLING the public’s perception of how animals should be owned (if at all) and cared for (if allowed) while pushing the VEGAN lifestyle.  We have nothing against a vegan lifestyle, as long as it is not PUSHED on everyone.  HSUS surreptitiously does exactly that, by not mentioning the real HSUS goal of veganism for the masses, which is one of the 12 Steps of Animal Rights.  If you go and review the 12 Steps of Animal Rights (yes you can find it on this blog in the search box) you will see that almost EVERYTHING HSUS does is in fact, linked to something in the 12 Steps of Animal Rights.


(Below is only the last paragraphs, the actual document is quite lengthy and can be seen at

the link above, the cavalry group blogspot)

Docket No. APHIS-2011-0003
Regulatory Analysis and Development PPD
APHIS, Station 3A-03.8
4700 River Road
Unit 118
Riverdale, MD 20737-1238

RE: Docket No. APHIS-2011-0003 – – Comments Submitted with Respect to the Proposed Rule

If a subsequent determination is made that APHIS participated in a “cover-up” of circumstances surrounding the hiring of a former HSUS Litigation Attorney who would be responsible for enforcing the Proposed Rule, it would so embarrass and impugn the integrity of the APHIS Office of Investigative and Enforcement that it would irrevocably “taint” every single enforcement action undertaken by the Office that is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the Animal Welfare Act. This would affect all enforcement actions of APHIS – – not just those covered by the Proposed Rule – – and it would create the very antithesis of the purpose of the Animal Welfare Act, which is to protect the health and welfare of dogs and animals covered by the Proposed Rule. Such a potential “cover-up” “scandal,” and the above discussed National Security Issue are the two most compelling reasons why the Proposed Rule must be withdrawn; and why a complete “DO OVER” of a Regulatory Impact Assessment must be prepared before any new Proposed Rule by APHIS may be rewritten with more exacting clarity before it is reviewed by the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, and before it is published in the Federal Register as a Proposed Rule.

For all of the above 21 Reasons, as discussed above, APHIS is required to withdraw the Proposed Rule. Such action would be in keeping with “compliance” with the Administrative Procedures Act and Executive Order 12866 and 13563, and would not preclude APHIS from doing a “DO OVER” that is done in “full” compliance with all Federal Statutes, Executive Orders and the “Due Process” Clauses that are set out in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the U. S. Constitution. 


Franklin W. Losey


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