Florida Court Throws Out HSUS’ Worthless Lawsuit v Purebred Breeders

Purebred Breeders Seeks Legal Fees From HSUS, To Donate

Published: December 5, 2012

Humane Society of the United States Exposed Again

MIAMI — Purebred Breeders is seeking an award of its attorneys’ fees and costs from plaintiffs and the Humane Society of the United States in Case Number: 11-38180 CA02 after a Circuit Court judge in Miami-Dade County last month dismissed the activist sponsored lawsuit against Purebred Breeders, a family-owned Florida business that connects well-raised puppies with loving families hoping to find a new addition to their home. Purebred Breeders is committed to donating a portion of any attorney’s fees awarded by the court to local shelters around the country. This is in an effort to help replace a portion of the millions of dollars lost by these organizations from HSUS’s fundraising activities as referenced by members of Congress described below.

The court determined last month that the plaintiffs and the Humane Society of the United States (“HSUS”), which sponsored the lawsuit against Purebred Breeders, completely failed to justify their allegations. This motion for attorney’s fees and costs has been filed by Purebred Breeders as a result of the efforts of the Humane Society of the United States in bringing the lawsuit in an effort to influence the public against purchasing pets.

Purebred Breeders’ advisor, Brent Gattis, former Deputy Chief of Staff for the House Committee on Agriculture, states that “HSUS is well-known for coordinating purported legal claims for publicity against responsible organizations and individuals. The Humane Society of the United States raises funds for its lawsuits and lobbying activities while leading the public to believe that the donations are supporting local shelters.”

Currently, the HSUS is being investigated by the IRS for tax fraud [Case File Number 29-92012] and six members of Congress joined the call for the IRS to act when they filed a letter with the Office of Inspector General Eric Thorson last year.

In this letter the members of Congress wrote “HSUS continually seeks donations through advertisements that claim the money will be used to help neglected or abused animals. The commercials deliberately lead the public to believe direct aid to animals is the main activity of the organization, as does the misleading similarity between the name of HSUS and the hundreds of local hands-on animal sheltering humane societies across America, which are wholly unaffiliated with HSUS and receive zero funding from it.”

Mr. Gattis added “Purebred Breeders’ experience in defending itself against legal claims is typical of the attacks other animal organizations and individuals have endured at the hands of HSUS’s large stable of attorneys. HSUS’s strategy against legitimate entities is this: force them to defend themselves in protracted legal battles over meritless claims, while also creating a false public perception of the group being attacked.”

HSUS Exposed – Where is your money going? 

Read the story on the Huffington Post.


PD note:  E.X.A.C.T.L.Y


According to its own 2011 tax return, HSUS received donations of $122 million for the year and used $38 million or 31% on salaries, compensation, and employee benefits with 19 individuals listed as receiving compensation between $100,000 and $300,000. Additionally, $50 million or 41% of donations received were spent on marketing and advertising, fundraising, and educational materials while only $6.7 million was actually reported as being given or granted to animal organizations.

However, a further look by Humanewatch.org into these organizational grants made by HSUS found that little more than $300,000 of the $6.7 million found its way to “hands on pet shelters” where the organization was involved with the “daily care, adoption, and/or rehabilitation of dogs, cats, rabbits and horses.” The $300,000 granted by HSUS during 2011 represented less than ½ of 1 percent (.5%) of the $122 million in donations received by HSUS during the year.

Purebred Breeders has joined other animal professionals in pushing back against HSUS’s agenda. A ten-year legal battle on a lawsuit brought by the HSUS activist group against Feld Entertainment, owners of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, was ultimately dismissed. Feld has brought a Federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations claim against the activist group [Case Number: 07-1532 (EGS)] based on information uncovered during the HSUS lawsuit. Feld Entertainment has alleged that HSUS engaged in an elaborate racketeering and conspiracy scheme involving at least one paid witness, obstruction of justice, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and malicious prosecution. HSUS in-house senior attorney, Kimberly Ockene, who filed the legal complaint against Purebred Breeders, and HSUS SVP of Animal Protection Litigation, Jonathan Lovvorn, have both been named individually in the Feld RICO case. HSUS, Lovvorn and Ockene filed motions to dismiss the claims. These motions have been largely denied by the court and the case is moving forward against them.


  • fordogs

    Today’s HSUS is using the reputation of the old highly regarded HSUS to gain credibilty. With a change in CEO’s etc. HSUS started changing to a vegan society fighting for vegan beliefs long ago and started accelerating their effort around 1990. This HSUS has fooled many people in politics and other influential groups into thinking they are for ‘protection of animals and have gotten their vegan associates into high places. HSUS needs to be stopped before we wake up wondering where all the dogs are.

  • Howard Hail

    HSUS is out to end all agricultural farming of meat products, first by making them too expensive to consume. In the UK and Spain once producers of eggs now have a shortage of eggs thanks to the animal rights radicals who have pushed to have free roaming chickens. Free roaming chickens test high for toxic metals as they will eat anything off the ground. They carry higher rates of salmonella as well.  Human beings are omnivores which means they require nutrients from both plants and animals. The human brain requires Active VB12 which only comes from meat and inactive VB12 comes form plants. It does nothing in the human body except makes the brain require more Active VB12. Without active VB12 your brain will become irrational and overly emotional. It will eventually degrade until it can no longer function. Just like not having enough VC causes scurvey and death lack of Active VB12 will destroy the nervous system. HSUS is a cult trying to force its beliefs on the rest of the world by pretending human beings don’t need to eat meat. One Third of all human beings cannot digest plant protein at all. Doesn’t this tell you something about the necessity for human beings to eat meat. What one has to consider is the cult like nature of the animal rights movement. They do not eat meat and thus are suffering from irrational thinking. Human beings need meat for the essential nutrients and active VB12 that can only be found in the correct proportions in meat.  They lie to the public about what human beings need to eat in order to promote their irrational view to the public.

    They manufacture degrees and expertise that is not based upon science. In fact they eschew all science and see it along with anyone who is a pet owner, farmer, rancher, or medical researcher as people they must attack. They refuse to recognize reality even when one of their own comes to their senses and realizes that meat is necessary to a healthy diet. Instead of recognizing the danger to their own health and the welfare of their children they continue along this dangerous path.  So far, five children from vegan parents have died in this country from malnutrition despite the warnings of their physicians. Their irrational parents refused to feed them what they needed to live despite the obvious condition of their children. This is not a group to ignore, it is a group that we must fight as they no longer are able to think rationally.  The lack of VB12 results in a brain that can no longer be considered functional.

    Another issue to consider is the amount of money and control this brings to many of them.  All of us involved with animals in any way should support one another. The hunters and anglers are now just experiencing a little of what the pet breeders and farmers have experienced with this cult. We need to pull together and support one another as this cult like the squeaky wheel have a lot of money to grease our representatives bank accounts. A bill before congress called the PUPS bill is their first step to control what you do with all animals.

    Although you may think HSUS is protecting animals they are not, they are working very hard to stop your way of life and they do it a little bit at a time by changing the public’s opinion of what you do. Remember that HSUS and PeTA both said they want the public to think of hunting and fishing like drunk driving in the minds of the public. You cannot ignore them any longer if you want your rights. Its time to join together to fight this dangerous menace to our country and our rights as human beings.

    •  And don’t forget how expensive it will be for HSUS to defend itself against the RICO suit! Even with their own 30-lawyer (some say 50) in-house firm and about 2,000 law firms nationwide who donate their time to HSUS, they will have extraordinary expenses. Is this where YOU want your donations – probably meant to help animals – to be spent? Then there is the possibility that the RICO suit could result in HSUS losing their tax-exempt status, which, combined with a severe drop in public confidence, will hamstring them. They could also go bankrupt – the fines and back taxes will be staggering! Good riddance. There are many worthy animal charities of any flavor, if you investigate. HSUS is a scam – all they have had to do in the past was ‘say’ they were protecting animals, and people opened their wallets.
    • They aren’t even experts in animal care, for heaven’s sake, because they really don’t believe that people ‘should’ care for animals at all. Yet the media and our lawmakers continue to call on the ‘humane society’ for all things animal. pure laziness that they don’t investigate the source. The local shelters and animal charities where I live often say that potential donors, especially at  holiday giving time, blow off their pleas saying “we already gave to you” through a donation to HSUS. It is NOT what you think it is. It is an animal rights organization with a vegan agenda – vegans eschew all human interaction with animals – no meat, dairy, honey  or eggs, no wool, silk or leather apparel, no fishing, hunting, rodeos, circuses, zoos or dog or cat shows . . . and no pets.

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