HSUS Exposed — Truth Ads + More Criticism Multiply Online!

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  1. Hsus – secure.xxx.humanesociety.org  (this is probably really an HSUS ad, we didn’t click on it)


    Watch Sam’s story & learn how you can help save the lives of animals!

     Douglas Anthony Cooper



  2.  Read the story on the Huffington Post.
  3. HSUS Loses in Court Again – blog.purebredbreeders.com


    Purebred Breeders Seeks Legal Fees from HSUS to Donate to Shelters

We really don’t like HSUS,  and while we don’t agree with everything Nathan wrote,  here is an excerpt………below.  And just remember, if HSUS was out of the picture, we wouldn’t have to continually fight and could focus on better things like improving the plight of animals, NOT trying to prove HSUS is completely UNworthy.


“In fact, no matter what the issue, HSUS invariably responds to criticism in the same way—by creating a diversion. First they defame those who are holding HSUS accountable for their actions, stating but never giving proof how the concerns are “misinformation” or how, exactly, being concerned that HSUS did something which harmed animals translates into supporting puppy mills or wanting baby seals to be clubbed to death, and then they simply change the subject. They sent a similar statement to someone who complained to them after HSUS sent dogs they claimed to have “rescued” to a shelter which killed them by gassing. Ignore the issue, smear the messenger, then change the subject. It’s an effective sleight of hand used by HSUS over and over again, and is a shield that comes courtesy of the Center for Consumer Freedom.”

  1. HSUS Responds to criticism over DNR partnership – WXOW News http://www.wxow.com/Global/story.asp?S=12507148

    HSUS Responds to criticism over DNR partnership. Madison(WXOW)- The Humane Society of the United States responds to recent criticism over a partnership 
  2. Nebraska’s governor resumes criticism of HSUS | Agriculture


    Aug 20, 2012 – Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman is not ready to back off on his criticismof the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Heineman has 

  3. Critics question spending by Humane Society of the United States 


    Jan 9, 2012 –   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/douglas-anthony-cooper/will-the-hsus-make-a-kill_b_2060516.html

    Critics question spending by Humane Society of the United States. January 9 And the HSUS profits greatly from this confusion. In 2010, the 

  4. HSUS vs. abolitionists vs. the meat industry: Why the infighting 


    Sep 7, 2012 – The “abolitionist” wing of the animal rights movement has criticized the  as much vitriol as the Humane Society of the United States, or HSUS.

  5.  Critic speaks against HSUS


    Critic speaks against HSUS. Tom Hennessy, Staff columnist. Article Launched: 10/13/2007 09:38:22 PM PDT. In late August, following the defeat of AB1634, 

  1. HSUS Crosses the Line – DR. STEVE BEST, PHD


    In recent years, HSUS—the largest animal advocacy group in the country—has expressed increasingly open and vocal criticism of direct action and of groups 

  2. Wisconsin DNR Catching Flack for HSUS Partnership | Field & Stream

    May 19, 2010 – Yep, that’s right, this HSUS. Now, HSUS is responding to the criticism. Seems it’s all just just an overreaction by us simple-minded hunters…

  3. HSUS | Iowa Public Radio News


    Nov 20, 2012 – Debate surrounding what we eat and how it’s made is nothing new, but in this year of outcry over pink slime, criticism regarding gestation crates 

  4. The Truth About HSUS : Nathan J Winograd

    Nov 2, 2012 – In fact, no matter what the issue, HSUS invariably responds to criticism in the same way—by creating a diversion. First they defame those who 

    1. Nebraska’s governor continues criticism of HSUS

      brownfieldagnews.com › News › Events/Organizations

      Dec 12, 2011 – In a conference call with reporters Monday, Nebraska governor Dave Heineman continued his harsh criticism of the Humane Society of the 

    2. MO coalition says defeat a blow to HSUS

      brownfieldagnews.com › News › Events/Organizations

      Nov 7, 2012 – Nikodim calls their criticism “hypocritical.” Nikodim says “North Dakota has struck an incredible blow” to the HSUS by defeating Measure 5 “so 

    3. The HSUS Board Needs New Blood

      brownfieldagnews.com › Feature Programs › Inside D. C.

      Oct 5, 2012 – As the world’s largest animal rights conglomerate, HSUS elicits its fair share ofcriticism. On one side you have the radical animal rights 

      There’s much more, plus PD probably has more than 400 posts on HSUS’  bull, since about 50% of the posts are against HSUS because they love to lie and use deception.  Of course we wouldn’t need to list any of ours and we definitely don’t place ads against HSUS online,  BUT it is a good idea if you have extra $$ you would like to spend!!


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