HSUS +Exotics..Did Owner Really Kill Himself?

So you want to know how HSUS gets data? Simple. Run TV campaigns after media blitzing the area where raids, seizures, animals have escaped, the latest HSUS “crackdown” has taken place, HSUS allegedly rescues 5,000 animals, etc, THEN get your telemarketers to start the calling in the exact areas that you ran all your media blitzes.

This is from the deception of HSUS online:

March 21, 2012

“Ohio voters Want Stronger Laws on Animal Protection”

“A new statewide survey of Ohio voters reveals overwhelming support for bills to restrict the private ownership of dangerous exotic pets, regulate large-scale commercial dog breeders and make cockfighting a felony…”

These are allegedly the questions asked: http://www.humanesociety.org/assets/pdfs/wildlife/ohio_issues_survey_032012.PDF

Here is a sample of questions that telemarketers asked:

3. My name is _____ _____. I’m calling from Saperstein Associates, an opinion research firm here in Ohio. We are conducting a scientific survey
about issues important to Ohio voters – and you have been randomly selected to participate.


7. In your opinion, does the ownership of exotic animals by private citizens pose a threat to public safety, or not?
79% Yes
16% No
4% Undecided
<1% RF
8. Would you be inclined to vote for or against a state legislator who believes that private citizens here in Ohio should not be allowed to acquire exotic
and dangerous animals – or wouldn’t that make a difference?
38% For
15% Against
41% No difference
6% Undecided
<1% RF
9. The Ohio legislature is now considering a law that would regulate high-volume dog breeders, sometimes known as “puppy mills.” As proposed,
the law would establish a Commercial Dog Breeding Oversight board, develop a state licensing authority, require inspections of high-volume dog
breeding facilities, and deny a license to anyone convicted of animal cruelty. Do you support or oppose this proposal?
84% Support
14% Oppose
2% Undecided
0% RF
10. Ohio is one of only 17 states that does not regulate the commercial dog breeding industry. Does knowing this make you more inclined to support
the proposal, more inclined to oppose it – or doesn’t that make a difference?
46% Support
9% Oppose
43% No difference
2% Undecided
0% R


COLUMBUS, Ohio –  April 24, 2012   An Ohio Senate committee has accepted a slew of changes to a measure aimed at regulating exotic animals in the state, 10TV’s Chuck Strickler reported Tuesday. The Senate’s agriculture panel agreed to revisions Tuesday that include easing rules for snake ownership and exempting certain service monkeys who helped the disabled. The changes would exempt animals from a required microchip implantation if it would endanger their health.

It would ban new ownership of exotic animals while allowing current owners to keep their pets by obtaining a new state-issued permit by 2014 and meeting other conditions.    Patrick Callahan said that he thought it was unfair to base legislation on the Zanesville event.  “I do work with lions and tigers, but I’m a little nervous around legislators,” Callahan said

How much you want to bet, HSUS started that OHIO “bill” regulating EXOTICS from the day they read about the “release” and that in the bill, it not only would try to outlaw the ownership, locally, but would take the exotics via some type of  forfeiture and give them to HSUS [so HSUS could then use them as yet another marketing TOOL, another fundraising TOOL, another ticket to more LEGISLATION AND LOBBYING AND DONATIONS???] We won’t bother to read any HSUS regulation on this because we have already read too many.

and…..….read what people wrote about ARs and how this guy didn’t likely kill himself……

2011-11-07 01:01:11.0     Dee Flores (TPRC)

This whole thing stinks of AR Groups, to scare people to death! I find it very troubling that two well known exotic animal owners had tradgic gruesome deaths within 4 months of each other, and no investigation, or crime scenes. (Mazzola, Thompson) Both incidents, yet different had a major impact on the State of Ohio.

It was a set up, and all people who are suckers to contribute to these AR groups have no idea that their donations do not help animals, but fund them to hop on their jets and fly around the U.S. and preach alot of **** and make false statements against legitimate facilities, who do alot of work to rescue and place these exotic animals, as well as those private owners who do a great job! Now they all maybe doomed and the animals as well!If you have the right set up and really care about the animals, and public safety, you should have rights, and not some AR group telling you what you can do, I thought we lived in the land of the free, or excuse me is Hitler still alive?

Did I miss something here? You get the point? A little extra money in someones pocket, to rid some wild animals, oh well the guy was a felon, just got out of prison, he was depressed, good reason to make it look like a suicide, ahh.. don’t for get the chicken… be sure ya toss those bolt cutters, wipe your prints off and run like ****, a tiger might bite ya in the ars!

Those poor animals had no chance, and when there was complaints, and letters written to officials, they turned their heads, this was when Terry Thompson was in jail, it was brought to their attention, they did nothing! It could have been prevented a long time ago! People don’t know everything, their is more to the story! How about ol Jack Hanna who has tainted the public with his Mr. Right personality? He had a lion in Tennesse that fatally injured a young boy! He was just busted entering California without proper permits for the animals he exploits on TV shows, what did he get, a slap on the wrist? This is an expert mind you.

2011-11-05 00:41:17.0

Rebecca McMannis (rebeccamcmannis)

Now you people are getting it. Conspiracy? Damned right conspiracy! Too many thing do not make sense at all and it is up to all of us to keep the pressure on the media or whoever else we get to listen to have a full investigation of this whole incident. #1 why would he cut the fences to the enclosures when he had the means to open the gates and let the animals out himself?

#2 how convenient for the bolt cutters to be right next to his body, hmmmm. #3 chicken parts next to his body? Are you kidding me? #4 It is obvious that this man loved his animals, why would he have let them out for a certain death? #5 They sure were starved were they not? They did not eat him, and oh yea, NOW the authorities are reporting that a tiger was seen eating him by deputies? Did not hear that one before now!

#6 The only animal cruelty charges that were ever brought against him was for a white cow and a bison dead on his property. By coincidence, the same 2 animals that a complaint was made about a few days earlier about being out, hmmmm. The animal cruelty charges were dismissed by the judge. He never had animal cruelty charges against him for his exotic animals-NEVER!

#7 His 14 yr old son was shot and killed a few years back and the shooter was never caught. Now, you can not even find any public knowledge reports on this at all.

#8 the wilds is only a 20 minute drive from this farm, so not that far away. And the authorities report that the wilds had only 12 darts available? ********! I know different! #9 This man was broken financially by our higher up authorities, in all govt. dept.s. #10 Look up the court case for the illegal weapons seizure. You will be surprised just how horrendous these people were treated.

The judge even felt bad about giving him any time at all. Most of these guns were his dad’s guns that were left to him and alot of them were not even in working order and were antique. Why would he shoot himself in the driveway, of all places?

And if you were trying to make a statement, would you not want to leave a stick it note? You bet you would. NO WAY DID THIS GUY KILL HIMSELF AND LET THE ANIMALS GO, TO THEIR FUTURE DEATHS–NO WAY! And why were the animals in the house in cages not let loose also? Why not go all of the way?

Because who did this did not want to take the chance of leaving evidence or could not get into the house. I could go on and on, but everyone is starting to get the picture now. Not that it does us any good. Nothing will ever come to light on this whole situation.

Unfortunately, we agree. We won’t find out but it is way too convenient of a story. It got exotic animals banned.  Highly suspicious.

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