AR Insanity, Political Party Says Animals are People. Told Ya…

We simply can’t bring ourselves to putting a link to this group’s online web presence, but  what is below is shown on their site, with a big cat picture right over “Animals are People Too!”
If it wasn’t so damn stupid, we might say more. But obviously it’s far too insane and is right up there with Peta filing for constitutional rights for whales.  We couldn’t even believe the Court in San Diego would bother to issue a ruling on the case, which supposedly took the Peta attorney 1.5 years to prepare. Animals do not have constitutional rights and people barely have them.  All animal rights laws are based on health,safety or welfare, which is the lowest rung of scrutiny in constitutional law. There may be a few exceptions which may be based on religion (such as it’s against my religion to eat animal products, and I’m in jail starving because I can’t eat animal product food)  Or some religions have involved the killing of birds, or using eagles for some purposes.  But those are the exception. Hens do not have a constitutional right to larger cages, dogs do not have constitutional rights to air conditioned quarters, and they don’t have constitutional rights to be inside a house as opposed to outside in a doghouse. So when ARs claim there is no constitutional right to breed a dog, buy a dog or sell a dog, they are incorrect. Interstate commerce is protected by the constitution, and all buying selling, retail, wholesale, businesses, even non profits, are interstate commerce. They bring in money and may not pay taxes but they spend donor money. The ARs are very poor advocates in general and seldom know their own facts.  They function on emotion and stories.  HSUS’ lawsuits use the law but try and change the law and that is the difficulty, because if no one opposes their bad laws, they get passed.  And they have passed plenty.
[this is where the big cat picture is]

Our slogan: Animals are people too!

OUR MISSION:  The Animal Rights Party USA is a new American political party founded in 2011. Its formation was inspired by the success of the Dutch Party for the Animals (PvdD). The PvdD was founded specifically to advance the cause of animal welfare.
Despite only being started in 2006, in the national elections of that year it won two seats of the total of 150 in the Lower House of parliament and one seat in the Senate. .. This party does not seek major political power but sees its function as a “Testimonial Party.” A testimonial party in effect “flies the flag” of an issue or cause within a legislature. It uses its presence to influence in a wide variety of ways t he legislation passed by the major parties. By so doing it achieves its goals by unspectacular but steady progress in small increments.As a practical matter this can be more effective than the efforts of organizations that try to advance their causes outside the legislature.
The Animal Rights Party USA, as a political party, aspires to follow the example of the Party for the Animals in The Netherlands by being a Testimonial Party within the context of the the American presidential system which is radically different from the Dutch parliamentary system.

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