Pet Defense Legal will Be Available on Trade ITEX (Barter)

Pet defense will be expanding services into the national Trade Group ITEX (International trade Exchange) which is found in most large metropolitan areas. Many businesses are already dealing with ITEX, especially in our current economy. Sacramento ITEX is already trading and has been for years;  a new office opening in Chico or in the North State CA is expected, while the new Trade Broker is mentored.  This means that if you know a business that would like to join, the ITEX office can let you know how it works.  Many businesses provide services (auto repair, home construction/repair, painting, roofing for example)  and some provide hard goods (such as vehicles) or professional services (doctor, chiro, lawyers,accupuncture) and entertainment or hotels (Lake Tahoe, Bay Area, Sonoma wine tours, Limousine rentals, party DJs,etc)

You do not even have to have an ITEX account to use services, you just need to have a friend in ITEX who is willing to spend their own trade dollars, or let you borrow some.  It is a great networking opportunity, which generates referrals for cash clients and new clients. Imagine you have a legal problem and have insufficient cash. The ITEX system can provide you with the legal services with  limited cash out of pocket.   You can spend less cash , gain new referrals, and meet other business people.  

Top 5 Reasons

Get the products and services you need without spending cash! 5 reasons to join.

What is a Trade Exchange

Find out why smart small business owners all over the country are using trade exchanges.

Show Me the Money!

  • Get new customers
  • Attract new cash paying customers
  • Spend your trade $, keep your cash
  1. ITEX >> SF Bay Area

    ITEX Pacifica, CA is a leading marketplace and local business and trade community, your local resource for classifieds, for sale and barter items in Pacifica, CA.

  2. ITEX (ITEXCorporation) on Twitter

    ITEX. @ITEXCorporation. Barter goods instead of paying cash; Connect.Trade.Save Wishing you and your loved ones a happy holiday from ITEX’s North Pole!

  3. ITEX | LinkedIn

    Welcome to the company profile of ITEX on LinkedIn. ITEX provides a trading community of business owners, tools for greater success in market share and.



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