Shocking Truth of Claimed “Animal Cruelty” Nationwide

Well, well, well…..HSUS ADMITS that  “Although there is no national reporting system for animal abuse, media reports suggest that it is common in rural and urban areas.”  HSUS admits, that their data is taken from pet abuse database.

HSUS cited  2007 “stats” with a total number of only 1,880 nationwide.  so we take 50 states, and then divide into the total, and end up getting about 37 per month or only 3 cases per MONTH average per state.   2008—total of all states  1,740     2009–total of all states = 926   …..   2010–total of all states,   1,106

NOW– we had already researched and compiled the data for 2010 for California, and found that very few counties had any HIGH number of claimed abuse cases, and only a few of the largest populated counties had any real measurable data worth counting.  In fact, there were quite a few counties that had absolutely no cases, and most had only a few cases. We are not releasing the exact data as we are going to use it in a case, but trust us, it’s not anything at all the way HSUS makes it sound.

HSUS even states  “Despite increased feed prices, we found no indication in the news media that the number of livestock neglect cases is increasing, other than a few shocking, high-profile cases.” HSUS  then claims,  the total number of horse neglect cases and the percentage [of total animal abuse cases classified] as horse neglect did not rise— even after all of the slaughterhouses were closed down.

The  moral of the story is this.  The statistics have always been LOW. And it would appear that the numbers have if anything, gone even lower.  We would think HSUS would try and take credit for the stats being lower, however we have yet to see HSUS tell the truth—the “animal abuse, animal cruelty” has NEVER been what the ARs have made it out to be.  Never.  All the PM stories in the world , if we were to BELIEVE HSUS, ASPCA and Best Friends, would have caused the numbers to be higher, IF IN FACT there was abuse charged.  Obviously, whoever is doing the record keeping is likely using news reports, like most media cases.  Our national case re “abuse” was docketed on the pet abuse registry.

Just by this data alone, it is rather obvious that the HSUS law SB917 was the very last thing that CA needed at all, to make people who want to rehome their animals into “animal abusers” just because they are outside.  AND by having passed the law, it is fairly evident that HSUS knew the stats, and decided to get the law passed before people figured it out. We figured it out several years ago, but no one listened. We guess they listened to HSUS and the other ARs.



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