It’s About Time— Breeders Take a Stand v HSUS ARs!

IF HSUS goes to a town, and starts re-writing their entire animal control laws, and everything to do with animals, such as they did in Louisville, when the wrong people “worked with” HSUS– HSUS will always win. Even if several provisions are struck, HSUS will win because they are using rational basis scrutiny which is the lowest constitutional level for health, welfare and safety.  HSUS does not just march into a town, they scope it all out far in advance. They get all their players in position and will try and get them to go along. When they don’t go along then the threats might start. If no threats are used they will just steamroll the community. We have seen the laws in more than a few states, all done by HSUS.  When a dog isn’t on leash HSUS terms it animal abuse.

So it’s GREAT to see Petland and ANY breeder or owner  win ANYTHING against the bully AR HSUS.  Without the $$$$, HSUS would be back in the closet.  IF 90% of the USA understood what HSUS really does, they (HSUS) would not have nearly the clout and $$$ that they currently raise.  As more business owners and breeders and AG people stand up for themselves, HSUS’ credibility will be sinking.  It won’t be fast, but it will happen.  We probably need about 1-2 million more people to understand that HSUS does NOT save shelter pets, they do not save people who own animals, they do not believe in owning, buying or selling animals, and they do not believe any business should make $$ off animals, except THEM. And they are non profit in theory only.  (below is from purebredbreeders)

Purebred Breeders, LLC is a company owned by pet lovers who have taken it upon themselves to help find families for puppies from responsible breeders. They have a select network of carefully chosen breeders. Through their website,, families can start their search for the perfect puppy to bring home as a new member of their family. This is one of the things that HSUS believes to be against animal rights. According to the activist group, people are not supposed to bring animals like dogs home as pets. Listing dogs in, alleged HSUS, is against animal rights and welfare.

To the animal welfare community, HSUS is known to initiate legal claims against various animal welfare groups and individuals. These legal battles give them the publicity that they need in order to gain the sympathy and support of donors who are led to believe that their donations are being used to support local shelters. This, according to Purebred Breeders advisor Brent Gattis, is a mere tactic to raise more funds. HSUS raises millions of dollars in funds from donors all over the country.


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