ARs Hate Animals to Work, be Crated, Pull Carriages, or– Be OWNED

How about starting off the year by telling the truth?

ARs hate animals which have JOBS, like hunting down certain prey, acting in TV and movies, performing in a rodeo, showing off in the circus, trotting around the show ring, engaging in obedience actions, behaving as the master commands, searching for lost people, biting the bad guy criminal, sniffing out illegal contraband, ratting out the rats in the barn, guarding the business, guarding the home, protecting your kids, protecting the livestock……….the list keeps going…..

Due to the Animal Rights 12 Steps, ANIMALS cannot do the above items, because it is something that ARs believe is linked to HUMANS—- and if humans and animals are the same (which is what ARs believe) then NONE of the above is OK because it is essentially slavery, benefits people in some way, and may be “COMMERCIAL” [according to ARs] if it engages or looks like it might be related to MONEY.  …and see below—  at ‘critters of the cinema’ dot com,   animals have JOBS. 

This is just one page shown on the site, there are pages for many animal ACTORS.

Now imagine HSUS’ law re “depictions of animal cruelty”, which was completely struck down by the Supreme Court, was to have NOT been struck down—- and then HSUS tried to apply the law to ANY movie, TV show,cartoon,video, photo, video game, etc– such as the movie Bambi, and any movie where an animal falls, or is otherwise pretending to be “hurt?”  Obviously it would have WIPED out billions of $$$ in the economy, and is almost unimaginable.

When we harp on HSUS laws, there is a legal reason.  It is because HSUS doesn’t care if they wipe out the animal related businesses, the trained animals, the circus animals, etc. Breeding for show, breeding for continuing the sale of decent animals, breeding for livestock. It does not MATTER—it is ALL basically part of interstate commerce, and that is a named ITEM in the 12 Steps of Animal Rights—eliminating the “pet trade” and the use of animals. Remember that.

These are animal actors and are not for sale or adoption.

Please call or Email, if you need more information.

Agatha Anastasia Apache Artie Aurora
Beetle Brillo Brinkley Bronco Buddy
Bugsy Calamity Carly Chalcy Channel
Chaz Chewbacca Christie Cody Conan
Creed Cujo Dannon Delta Dillon
Dixie Dolce Ellie Faith Felicia
Foxy Freddie Gizmo Guiness Handsome
Harley Honey Hopper Humphrey Ice
Iris Ivy Jay Jay Jazmine JD
Kennedy Kiltie Lassie Leo Liam
Lily Ludo Luna Masie Manny
Mortishia Mr. Chile Mugsy Murphy Nicky
Oscar Panther Rascal Pebbles Punky
Remedy Renegade Riggs Rocky Ronin
Rosie Sabrina Sam Sammy Samson
Sawyer Shelbie Shumi Skippy Smokey
Sonny Starsky Tashi Toma Tommy
Tookie Trapper Travis Truman Tucker
Tumbleweed Wasabi Wicker Wilson Yahoo
Zack Zero Zeus Zion

We can’t say anything else now, but we have a client that has put animals on TV with this well known trainer.

Stay tuned in case we can release information at a later date, which will be soon.


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