Top 10 Lumps of Coal for HSUS’ Xmas Stocking!

Attorney Frank Losey has been working on getting the government’s attention to show how HSUS ignores the law, and does much lobbying, while holding itself out as a “non profit” which does not pay taxes of course…….


Attorney Losey has also filed much information with APHIS in opposition to the government changing the APHIS policy or regs, without carefully considering the impact it would have on  those who are hobby breeders.  Even if it were a policy change and not an actual regulatory change, we believe if it had the same effect as a trade restraint and was arbitrarily enforced, creating completely disparate results which would seemingly be in complete opposition to the Doris Day v Veneman case.



Mr. Pacelle – – with puff-chest bravado – – has been  posting the 10  Major Accomplishments of the HSUS during 2012. 

After reading his postings, I thought it was only fitting and appropriate for me to recount the 10 Major “Lumps of Coal” that I ensured were placed in the 2012 Christmas Stockings of the HSUS!

  1. 1.       My 2012 Calls to Action resulted in the number of Members of Congress who have contacted either the IRS, the Department of the Treasury or the Justice Department, AND SPECIFICALLY INQUIRED about issues related to the potential failure of the HSUS to comply with the U.S. Tax Code or the Lobbying Disclosure Act increased to 12!
  2. 2.       As a result of my prior submissions to the Office of the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF), which was established by Mr. Pacelle shortly after he became the President and CEO of the HSUS in 2004, registered itself, for the first time as a Lobbying Organization with the Clerk of the House and the Secretary of the Senate.  The date of the Registration was February 29, 2012, with an effective date of January 1, 2011.  (I wonder why the “Registration” was  backdated 14 months?!?!?  And what possessed the HSUS to wait nearly 8 years before it decided to Register the HSLF, its self-described “Lobbying Arm,” as a Lobbying Organization?!?!?!?  Could someone from the Justice Department have “whispered” in the ear of the HSUS – – “Do it or else”?!?!?!?)
  3. 3.       During 2012 I submitted 15 Additional, Documented Letters to the IRS, the Office of the Inspector General of Department of the Treasury, and multiple Offices within the Justice Department with respect to the activities of the HSUS and its Senior Staff that substantiated what appears to be violations of the U.S. Tax Code, the Lobbying Disclosure Act and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.
  4. 4.       My cumulative actions in 2012 apparently got under the skin of Mr. Pacelle, who wrote to the Board of Directors of the Celebration in Shelbyville, TN and urged them to cancel the invitation that I had received to speak on the grounds of the Celebration in July of 2012.  (NOTE:  The Invitation was not cancelled!)
  5. 5.       I submitted written requests to Mr. Pacelle which asked that he retract his libelous statements that he had made about me; and I requested that the HSUS publicize that the major cause of PARVO in young puppies is the failure of owners to ensure that puppies receive all of their PARVO Booster Shots, and I further suggested that if the HSUS failed to so inform the American Public as to the major cause of PARVO in young puppies – – failure to ensure that puppies receive all of their PARVO Booster Shots – – it would suggest that the HSUS is “hostile to animal welfare.”  My request also included a statement that since I contributed a higher percent of my annual income to local shelters than the percent of the HSUS Annual Revenues that is distributed to shelters, the HSUS is more “hostile to animal welfare” than he said that I was.   
  6. 6.       My correspondence to Mr. Pacelle apparently enraged him, and resulted in him sending me an E-Mail in which he described me as being “dishonest” and “hostile to animal welfare,” and he further stated that I was “not an honorable person.”
  7. 7.       The only explanation that I can offer as to why the HSUS filed a second Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in 2012 to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to obtain any documents pertaining to “Franklin W. Losey” – – the first request was in 2011 – – is because I have become a “Person of Interest” to the HSUS, and the HSUS does not appreciate what I have been doing!
  8. 8.       The FACT that I have become a “Person of Interest” – – “Badge of Honor?!? – – was further confirmed in a November 8, 2012 E-Mail that was sent by the HSUS Senior Director for Research and Investigations, which  E-Mail included the following statement:  “We are very familiar with Frank Losey and are interested in anything you think is important for us to know.”
  9. 9.       My Letter that was dated December 24, 2012 – – included 245 pages of supporting documents – – requested that the Government Integrity Committee, which is located in the J. Edgar Hoover Headquarters Building of the FBI, investigate the propriety of the hiring of Ms. Sarah L. Conant, a former HSUS Litigation Attorney who had previously acted as HSUS Counsel of Record in a Lawsuit that the HSUS had filed against the USDA; and I further requested that it investigate an alleged “Cover-Up!”
  10. 10.   My Christmas Dated Letter that I forwarded to yet another Government Office in  Washington DC, which included 303 pages of incriminating documents that pertained to the activities of the HSUS and its current and former employees, as they relate to alleged violations of the U.S. Tax Code, the Lobbying Disclosure Act and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.


POSTSCRIPT:  “Once upon a time” Jim Bakker presided over a public charity known as the PTL – – “Praise the Lord” – – and he was perceived to be able to “walk on water” by many of the Millions of Viewers who contributed Millions of Dollars to the PTL Public Charity.  And then a scam-scandal caused the PTL to implode, and Jim Bakker actually went to  jail.  Could there be a Sequel to the PTL Scandal that starts out as “Once upon a time” Wayne Pacelle presided over a public charity known as the Humane Society of the U.S., and he was perceived by many to be able to ……………………………”  Time will tell! Time will Tell!!!

Stay tuned for my first 2013 “Call to Action” which I believe will be a real “SHOWSTOPPER” for all 535 Members of Congress!!!  The time is now “ripe” to “harvest” and “broadcast” the existence of a CD Recording of an incriminating “admission” made by Mr. Pacelle in his own voice!




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