Horse Case: Grace Fdn. Says HSUS Should Enter Picture?

In yet another ridiculous episode, The Grace Fdn. CEO is  now saying that a group such as the HSUS should be used to scope out the “ranch” that will supposedly house the seized horses that Grace claimed in August, would be dumped back into Lassen County because Grace was near bankruptcy.

Oh sure, get a group like HSUS or ASPCA,  that has been found guilty of using a paid Plaintiff to push their lawsuit against the circus, where the ARs lost, and are now facing a RACKETEERING lawsuit, with ASPCA giving up, and PAYING $9.3 million to settle?

Further, the bank attorney who The Grace Foundation sued, is now hot on the trail of Grace, counter-suing Grace for trade libel and whatever, propounding over 600 (six hundred) requests for documents, special interrogatories, etc.  Specific questions by the errant bank attorney are being heavily dumped on The Grace Foundation, leaning heavily on asking for personal information such as names and how much was given, names and what was done with fund raising money, names and what was done [like sending out emails] and to how many people?  When people want to fight huge institutions and banks, be prepared for THOUSANDS of requests via discovery.  In digital form, thousands of emails might be requested, and questions regarding fundraising are being requested of The Grace Foundation.

The Grace Foundation is not open to the public now and yet Grace has still not filed bankruptcy.  We believe it’s just a matter of time, and that Grace will have to end up filing bankruptcy because very few attorneys (unless in a very large law firm) can handle the work that the bank attorneys would churn out. It would take every waking moment to keep up, even if one could do it.

Below are some statements posted by The Grace Foundation:

“For the safety and welfare of the horses Grace is willing to provide the horses care for the same period of time and for the same amount that Wells Fargo and Bank of America have agreed to pay Mr. Schroeder.    During this 6 month period Grace will continue to provide both emergency as well as routine medical and farrier care required by law at no additional cost.  In the event that a horse becomes injured or sick during this time and a licensed veterinarian recommends euthanasia, Grace agrees to provide humane euthanasia (administered by lethal injection by a licensed veterinarian) at no additional cost.”

PD note: Banks and Lassen County made a deal to take the horses and give them to another rancher for 6 months, and to pay the rancher. No vet services would be paid for. Euthanizing might be done by gunshot. Grace was ordered to transfer the horses to the other rancher within 30 days of 12/16/12. They have yet to be moved. Banks do not want to pay Grace now, it would appear, since Grace already threatened to dump the horses in August.  NOW Grace wants to keep the horses but wants to be paid to “keep” them.

PD note:  This “offer” (above) is now being made by Grace, after Grace, in August 2012, had their “business” attorney Ms. Sheridan, send out a blatant statement to all parties, that Grace planned to dump all of the horses back in Susanville at the ranch, and that Grace would stop care/feeding of the horses in early August.  Owner’s bankruptcy attorney asked the bankruptcy court to have Grace prepare an inventory/accounting and judge said no, because the bank attorney had already convinced the Chapt. 7 Trustee to abandon the horses, which means the Court had no power to order Grace to do the inventory?  Thus Grace kept possession of horses but then sued bank attorney and banks. Attorney also asked to have animals moved to another independent private SPCA. Grace refused. Bank attorney opposed it as well.

“…many outside equine experts feel strongly that the long transport the horses will have to endure during this move,  the drastic change of climate and the lack of proper shelter in the middle of winter is at the very least not in the best interest of the horses.  In addition, this purposed move violates many of California’s “Minimum Standards Of Care” requirements, creating a deep concern that this move may be very harmful if not fatal to some if not many of the horses.”   

But see this directly FROM the site on same:  “Minimum Standards of Horse Care in the State of California and Cattle Care Standards: Recommendations for Meeting California Legal Requirements provide the expert opinions of the authors regarding minimum standards of care with respect to California animal cruelty statutes. The standards recommended in these publications are intended to educate animal control officers when interpreting and applying animal cruelty statutes. These publications should not be considered official California regulatory agency guidance. Neither the authors nor the University of California has the authority to adopt regulations of general application.

PD:  Let’s see, under Grace’s care, several horses already died, and allegedly foals died, one got stuck in the water trough with resulting injuries, one horse got a face infection and may have to be killed, one horse can’t be handled, the list keeps going….plus bank attorney has alleged that Grace already gave away or sold some of the horses they did not even OWN.

“With the cost of the medical care being paid for by Grace and without the cost associated with the transport of the horses, this offer is a substantial savings to Wells Fargo and Bank of America. In the event that you choose not to consider this option, then The Grace Foundation requests that a third party animal welfare group (such as The Humane Society of the United States), be allowed to perform a site visit prior to the horses transfer and oversee the transport and relocation of the horses back to Susanville.”  *HSUS is NOT an animal welfare group, it is an animal rights group.

PD:  choke, gasp, OMG—  Now you know why they call it a rat pack.  They stick together? When you can’t force the hand of the people that gave you the $40,000 or more, then try and sic the HSUS on them?

The banks could care less about what it costs someone as to the horses because as the banks admitted, they don’t own the horses or the land the horses came from. BUT the bank attorney rigged the seizure of those horses, no matter who now owns them. Judge says owner doesn’t have any claims to them (which was wrong) but in any event, the poor horses are the equivalent of a sacrificial lamb.  In order to right the wrong done by the bank attorney AND Grace, [among others] our prediction is that Grace will go bankrupt, the bank attorney will force Grace into money issues, and the horse owner will end up filing on all of the above.  You cannot fix something wrong by continuing to do more wrong. Universal law works slowly. But it does work.


One thought on “Horse Case: Grace Fdn. Says HSUS Should Enter Picture?

  1. Your article stated that the Calif. Minimum Standards of Horse Care stated… That document is not a legal document and is the opinion of the authors. The University has distanced itself from the document and has posted in its Animal Welfare Page a disclaimer to the effect, that the University cannot regulate anything. Please ignore any statements that this illegal document makes.

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