Pimped Off Puppy Raises $$ for “Rescue”,NOW with For Profit Corporation

NEW NEW Update:  Can’t call us Liars…..Sure ENOUGH– The Grace Foundation of Northern CA, TOOK the pimped off puppy known as “Tiny Beyonce” and not only pimped the dog off, and never adopted it out, but FORMED A FOR PROFIT CORPORATION CALLED TINY BEYONCE, INC. IN CALIFORNIA… JUST A FEW MONTHS AFTER ALL THAT TV NEWS MEDIA ……….  

and the attorney that said Grace was going to stop feeding/caring for  the “rescued” horses August 3, 2012, is named as agent for service in Beyonce Inc. just several weeks later. Further, same attorney said Grace would dump horses in Lassen County (because banks wouldn’t pay Grace)  but now Grace is claiming Grace WANTS to house the Susanville seized horses for 6 months IF the banks pay Grace??

In case you thought giving $$ to the pimped off puppy meant helping animals like allegedly “abused”  horses, NOPE, it looks like the money is starting to look like subsidiary coporations owned by non profit. LIKE HSUS DOES?   GET IT???? HSUS owns lots of subsidiary corporations, go look at the data http://activistcash.com/organization_overview.cfm/o/136-humane-society-of-the-united-states




Past UPDATE: The Grace Foundation of Northern CA director wisked sickly puppy off to NY to be on news talk show. Sickly puppy was about 3 weeks old.  NOW if I was a breeder and did what she did, ARs would try to arrest me for ANIMAL ABUSE because a sickly puppy should not be in a plane going to/from NY for sake of a news show.

YET if a non profit does it, it’s GREAT. PROPAGANDA $$$$$ a la HSUS style. Puppy is 3 weeks old and probably the size of a newborn puppy from a 50lb mama dog. Pups of that size usually do not survive and usually have medical complications. If it came out of any other litter, ARs would say to kill it and in fact the mom dog was going to be killed (while already pg) according to their “story.”

Everyone knows that ARs are ALWAYS bashing breeders or anyone who has a dog which gave birth to “teacup” sized dogs, undersized pups, and sickly pups. ARs love to find FAULT with this and where they can, will kill and abort the puppies, kittens,even foals. Aborting a “foal” is neither cheap nor desirable. In this instance, according to the article of 3/24/12 -we can see the following:

http://wp.me/pg2ou-3fe (short link to story)

$$ is being RAISED by advertising an undersized, sickly, tiny puppy that was taken from a pound dog that  was ALLEGEDLY…..”almost killed in utero when her pregnant mother, a stray”, was found by animal control and was SCHEDULED TO HAVE HER PUPPIES ABORTED. (That is ridiculous, because killing unborn pups/ the mom dog, or just the mom after killing the puppies is just plain stupid where the dogs can get homes. (We are aware that if a fe dog is a generic pitbull and is pg they will just kill it /not think about pups or dog)

LUCKILY” for the puppy, the mother’s pregnancy “was too far along” and then THE MOTHER WAS SCHEDULED TO BE KILLED. Let’s face it, when you schedule to kill the mother you are killing the mother and any babies, right?

The article then claims that this group (Grace Foundation of Nor Cal) “stepped in and agreed to take her in.”  When the pup was born she was not allegedly breathing and had no heartbeat. The pup barely survived and is claimed to be 2 weeks old. Pups of this size usually do not survive.

Then in still another article, http://news.yahoo.com/tiny-puppy-california-could-worlds-smallest-001710789.html:

“The Grace Foundation, based in El Dorado County, says animal control picked up the pregnant mother, and she gave birth to a litter of five on March 8. The pup was the last one delivered, and was born without a heartbeat. Veterinarians managed to revive her through chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The foundation says she’ll be ready for adoption “in about two weeks.”

Anyone who knows how to count to 8 weeks, which is the AR legal age for adoption of pups and kittens, knows the dog would only be 3 weeks old on 3/29 so could NOT possibly be adopted in 2 weeks. Furthermore, an undersized, weak and sick puppy should NEVER be foisted out for adoption or sale at the earliest age since it might never live that long and would need to be watched for complications.

**Sure enough, our prediction was right. Grace Foundation has NOW decided that they are raising too much money off the sickly puppy and will NOT adopt the dog out.  Of course if the puppy dies after it was adopted out, that’s not a good rescue story. So if the puppy dies, they will use that to raise more money. If it doesn’t die then they will pimp that sickly puppy off for whatever they can.  After all, it’s a fund raising tool!  It should be noted that claiming to keep the dog because it’s a rescue dog is nonsense.  There are almost NEVER any rescue pups in any shelter, and if there are, they let people BID on them. For example, in Los Angeles if too many people apply for a dog, they take the highest bidder (in the case of a poodle that translated to $825.)

It should be known nationwide, that the Grace Foundation does tell the public that they will abort foals, and they gain $$ via donations by taking in deathly ill animals, treating them, and then killing them when they can’t survive, OR when the director says she has to ‘make the call’ to kill them. Which appears to happen to many sickly animals they take in? Esp. horses. Why in the world would a group that claims it can’t pay for expenses, hay, and improvements, take in sickly, half dying animals, which will end up usually dying or being so ill they should be put down anyway?  It’s pretty obvious isn’t it??? This group has even BOUGHT horses from auctions, even ones with illneses. BUYING HORSES WHEN THERE ARE SO MANY ABANDONED?  HELLO?? WTH??

Gaining $$ in donations by claiming the animals ‘should be put down’–but then taking these animals on purpose, only to put them down anyway can only serve one purpose. And it isn’t the saving of the animals since in most instances they are not save-able to begin with.  By ARs criticizing anything other people do (such as happening to have an undersized pip squeak sized puppy) and then taking one that was allegedly going to be killed– we are hard pressed to believe that’s what happened.

When shelters get dogs that are pregnant, a rescue willing to take the dog usually can [IF the shelter will allow it–any many will not..] but rescues are not allowed to ADOPT out an animal that is not altered unless they are in a smaller county where the rule is somewhat different and allows for delayed altering with deposit or where medical conditions are present.  When rescues receive the animal, it can be unaltered, but they are required to alter it ASAP. Rescues are not to knowingly adopt out animals that are pregnant. What shelters will do is to take back the animal and then abort the pups, they will usually NOT ALLOW THE RESCUE TO SAVE THE PUPS OR KITTENS.

How do we know this? We have actually had a pregnant dog (we did not know it was pregnant) that was adopted out, and as soon as the owner found out it was pregnant, we attempted to replevy it and refund her money.  Instead, the former shelter and the vet went and purposely killed the puppies. NOW THAT shows a lot about AR behavior. There is no saving involved, there is killing.

2 thoughts on “Pimped Off Puppy Raises $$ for “Rescue”,NOW with For Profit Corporation

  1. Is the puppy still alive? I run a rescue, I have adopted out dogs who had cancer, with full disclosure there are people willing to take a dog or cat no matter what the condition of the animal is, but the ONLY reason that pimped out little puppy wouldn’t be adopted out is if it was dead, because believe it or not there would be a LINE for adopters & that pup would or could bring in up to a 1000 bucks. Those pups won’t be ready to be adopted out until May 8th at the soonest, it is very bad to take the pups away from the mom til she has decided she is done, it creates too many behavior problems, sometimes a dog will be done with her pups at 6 to 7 weeks but I have seen them go as long as 16 weeks, the only “dogs” I have ever adopted out earlier is a litter of “wolf hybrids” & that was because that is what a wolf specialist from Fish & Game told me to do because they imprint on a family & it creates behavior problems when they are taken from a pack they imprint on. 8 yrs later they are all doing fine. Any rescuer worth a hill of beans will not adopt a dog in rescue unless it has no hope of finding a home, unless it somehow just attaches itself to you only, but a puppy is a BIG no no, that pup has a chance to get a good home, & it also takes up valuable rescue space.

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