Grace AR Attorney Trying to Stop Transfer of Horses

Grace Foundation has now moved for intervention in the current Lassen County lawsuit of the claimed  horse abuse and bank foreclosure process, despite Grace’s case against the bank attorney being in Orange County.  To start with, Grace should have filed against the bank attorney in Lassen County, not El Dorado County.

And despite The Grace Foundation claiming they were near bankruptcy in August 2012, Grace now claims after shutting the “ranch” since October 2012, they will re-open it.  And instead of DUMPING the horses back in Lassen County, which Grace stated they would do in August 2012 because they couldn’t afford to feed/care for the horses, Grace now says she hired attorney Christine Garcia (AR attorney from Bay Area) to enable Grace to KEEP the very same horses that Grace claimed she needed to dump in August 2012.  Further, Grace claims that MOVING the horses would violate the law because the ranch where the horses were ORDERED to be moved to, in Lassen County, is not good enough for the horses, and that trailering the animals would be a huge ordeal in winter weather. Plus, Grace wanted HSUS to inspect the ranch in Sunsanville, claiming that it would not be good enough for the horses.

The banks (Wells Fargo and B of America) had entered into an agreement with Lassen County to have the horses moved back to Lassen County, and the banks were to pay the Lassen rancher for 6 months to care for the horsesbut not to pay Grace.  Judge ordered the transfer of the horses. Grace basically refused to transfer the horses [in our opinion] and instead,  now Grace is trying to set aside the order to move the horses.

Then, in a long awaited turn of legal events, the very Judge on the case that has helped set the case up in shambles after 5 years, suddenly “recused” himself from all of the cases involving the property and the horse owner (there are more than 3 cases involved total.)  So the case, which is on appeal,  will no longer be saddled with   the Judge which helped ruin the case to begin with.


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