Timothy M. Ryan of Irvine… Anaheim CA, Accused of Altering Court Docs

Attorney Timothy M. Ryan, Anaheim  IRVINE, CA

Did Timothy M. Ryan of Anaheim or Irvine, break the law by filing fraudulent documents in court, or by signing same?

Timothy M. Ryan of   IRVINE Anaheim  California, according to Grace Foundation CEO, Beth De Caprio, committed criminal conduct by submitting altered documents to or from bankruptcy court;  that she was giving the evidence to the CA State Bar, and the U.S. Attorney, in Eastern District Federal Court, Sacramento, we presume …. two days after Christmas.  

This is Ryan’s online data:   “The Ryan Firm, a Professional Law Corporation” “The Ryan Firm is a boutique litigation firm specializing in banking, real estate, business, and secured lending litigation. Started in 2004 by Timothy MRyan”  [Note: Ryan has not been formally prosecuted or charged yet that we know of, however we believe that judging from the depth/scope of the actions, it will happen, even if it takes some time.]  AND here is the data Ryan lists on his website:

Timothy Ryan has been practicing in real estate, real estate lending, and business litigation since 2005. Mr. Ryan is a member of the California State Bar and is admitted to practice in every State and Federal court in California. Mr. Ryan is also a licensed California real estate broker.”

“Prior to starting The Ryan Firm in July 2004, Mr. Ryan was a named partner at a law firm representing mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, venture capitalists, small businesses, and buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. Mr. Ryan regularly speaks at national conferences on real estate and banking litigation issues and has published several articles in national mortgage banking and mortgage servicing publications. In addition to his fifteen years in civil litigation, Mr. Ryan has extensive experience in bankruptcy law, initially clerking for the Honorable Robert Hendrick in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of California, and thereafter in private practice in several high profile real estate development and building services corporate reorganizations. In addition to civil litigation, Mr. Ryan conducts seminars on real estate and mortgage broker best practices to local real estate brokers and loan originators. Prior to attending law school Mr. Ryan worked in the finance group at United Parcel Service and Kraft Foods.”

“Mr. Ryan received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from California State University, Fullerton in 1988, with a 4.0 GPA within his major, earning the Laverne F. Graves award for advancing the reputation of the California State University, Fullerton within the community. Mr. Ryan went on to receive his Juris Doctor degree from McGeorge School of Law at The University of the Pacific, where he was on the Deans Honor Role. YES, that is how it was/is spelled on Ryan’s site. “ROLE”

“Mr. Ryan received the American Jurisprudence Award for his work in Secured Transactions and clerked at the noted bankruptcy reorganization boutique firm of O’Halloran & Jones.”

So what we apparently have here, is a guy that says he had a 4.0GPA in ’88, was on the “Deans Honor Role” [sic], supposedly clerked for reorg firm, and even claims to advance the reputation of the university within the community,  but he isn’t smart enough 25 years later, to follow the legal ethics or rules set out for attorneys.

TIMOTHY M. RYAN IS IN SOME BIG, BIG LEGAL TROUBLE…that’s our opinion and we are certain Ryan knows it as well. Judging from the document files, the improper actions [verified by viewing], the subterfuge [definitely seen], and overall lack of veracity, honesty and fitness to practice law [definitely seen] we are of the opinion that Ryan definitely should NOT be allowed to practice law, especially in mortgage banking or anything to do with finances. Maybe he should stick with something like writing fiction books since he’s pretty good at making up stories    facts.

We didn’t initially know which exact documents Grace CEO refers to though, because Ryan submitted a LOT of documents that were not the real deal, he is the head attorney in his firm, so we presume that other helpers must be involved.  In fact, we have information that Ryan may have tampered with or sent out many different documents over the past 10 months, if not longer.  Then when documents show up missing in the court files, who knows where they went? Someone probably shredded them, and if they were not served on all parties (and we know they were not) then guess what?  That’s also not legal.

Update: One of the documents Grace is reporting is apparently a document filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, by Ryan. It was a purported declaration by the Grace Foundation veterinarian, claiming he examined horses, however, we already had figured out the document as filed, was an adulterated document. The vet was out of the country and the way the document was set up showed it was not genuine.

Grace CEO Beth De Caprio says she is going to the State Bar with this information.  If proven to be true, adulterated documents can be a felony. In fact, an attorney filing any documents which have been tampered with can be a felony. Filing more than one of these documents would definitely be on the radar for disbarment in our opinion. And since we have information that Grace doesn’t have, we think little bank attorney is in a HEAP of trouble.


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Example of disciplinary law on California attorneys:

In re Lesansky 25 Cal.4th 11, 16 (2001) [attorney summarily disbarred even though offense did not involve a client or occur in the practice of law] (“In reaffirming that attorneys may be disbarred for criminal acts committed in a nonprofessional setting, we do not hold that such discipline may be imposed for any act evidencing a moral lapse or infirmity, however slight.)]

Attorney discipline is imposed when necessary to protect the public, to promote confidence in the legal system, and to maintain high professional standards, and the term ‘moral turpitude’ is defined by reference to this purpose. As we have in the past, we acknowledge here that the term cannot be defined with precision.

Nevertheless, we can provide this guidance: Criminal conduct not committed in the practice of law or against a client reveals moral turpitude if it shows a deficiency in any character trait necessary for the practice of law (such as trustworthiness, honesty, fairness, candor, and fidelity to fiduciary duties) or if it involves such a serious breach of a duty owed to another or to society, or such a flagrant disrespect for the law or for societal norms, that knowledge of the attorney’s conduct would be likely to undermine public confidence in and respect for the legal profession.” Internal citations and quotations omitted) Note that this case also discusses legislative changes to the summary disbarment provision implemented by AB 2787.

The Grace CEO is equally guilty as Ryan when it comes to who was  sending out defamatory comments nationally— they both were.  In fact, Ryan took documents and claimed they were certified documents and then gave them to any court that he could, in order to frame up his “claims” that the owner of horses said A, B, C, when owner never said A, B, C.  All of these actions were done to ensure that the owner of the animals went to jail, and that the banks should take the land.  Ryan has implied that Grace Fdn. was audited, and in trouble with the EDD and IRS.

So to quote Ryan, here’s to a “rock ’em sock ’em” good time. Ryan said that on Facebook when he was detailing all of the court hearings, etc, so the public could think he was doing some good when in reality, that was filed in bankruptcy court as evidence of what type of behavior Ryan engaged in.  Like we have said, stay away from Facebook.

In any case, here is a snippet from Grace’s online announcement:

Our Urgent Plea – How You Can Help!

“The attorney uncovered alarming new evidence in some of the bankruptcy documents. It appears that the documents were tampered with and illegally filed in bankruptcy court. The document that we had was actually an altered copy of the original document.  Once this was discovered by counsel, we became aware that a serious criminal act was committed far worse than we had imagined.”

“Given the latest facts, we understand if the banks feel that the other parties’ malpractice carrier has more responsibility for the damages involved, therefore we agreed to accept the bank’s original settlement offer on one condition: Mr. Ryan must be left out of the settlement agreement so that Grace can continue to pursue our legal case against Mr. Ryan and his firm.”

1) Urge the banks to take one of these three offers and most importantly allow the horses to remain at Grace. It is critical that the horses lives not be put in danger! We will post bank contact information on the website and Facebook in the morning.

2) We will be filling a complaint regarding the altered documents with the US Attorney’s office and the California State Bar Association tomorrow, Thursday, December 27th. We will be alerting the media of our planned visit and we are asking you to come join us to deliver these documents. We believe this must be looked into immediately and we hope with community support it will stress the sense of urgency involved. Our youth are welcome to join as well. Please meet us at the ranch at 1pm or at the US Attorney’s office at 2pm.

3) We will be sending out press releases to all the media. We ask you to contact the media and urge them to investigate and cover this story. We need national press on this! We will post media contact information on Facebook and the website.



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