Help Stomp Out HSUS and Increase Awareness of HSUS 501(c)(3) Lobbying

This will lead to the site where the information is given, you can use the template and make a few edits………  (link to template)   (link to site)

Attorney Losey has diligently worked to get the government’s attention

as to HSUS’ lobbying.  As we well know, a charity is not supposed to do a lot of lobbying, because it is

against the regulations for 501(c)(3) groups which pay NO federal taxes?

Because HSUS has infiltrated government offices, District Attorney offices, and other such areas, HSUS has built up steam.  However, HSUS credibility is going downhill, and now that ASPCA paid out the $9.3 million to the CIRCUS people, based on ASPCA settling the RACKETEERING CHARGES that the circus entity filed, HSUS is still in the game and has not settled.


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