HSUS Theory Violence with Animals didn’t Work in Supreme Court


The HSUS alleged theory of violence with animals has been shot down by the USA Supreme Court in at least 2 cases lost by HSUS IN THE SUPREME COURT [Those cases are the violent video case out of CA, and the U.S. v Stevens case, involving historical video of dogfighting, found to be unconstitutional on its face and as applied]  Both cases are linked on this blog, and have been there for years.

Could it be true? Mandatory spay neuter in Santa Fe, NM (has Albuquerque’s HEART Ordinance– a very bad, bad animal rights LAW)— can or could— FORCE the spay/neuter of your dog, a show dog, IF a third party was negligent (like the UPS guy) who didn’t lock the gate or close it properly????

The article says ” calls to your wife result in a short conversation with an attorney..he tells you there’s nothing he can do other than file a lawsuit for damages to your property.”

Well —- if this had been in California– there would be something you could do instead …. the animal related law in CA which allows such actions under the authority of the animal control, is normally opposed by filing a writ of mandate [for an administrative decision] and when most attorneys engage this process, usually runs from over $2,000 to about $5,000. Most writs are not granted.

Obvious moral of the story is to not TRUST anyone to lock your gate, and have someone who you pay, to lock up the premises.  OR, leave your dog(s) where they cannot be released by a third party which you do not know.

and if you happen to read the animal cruelty piece on the dog press, http://www.thedogpress.com/SideEffects/Animal-Cruelty&Violent-132.asp

be advised, the Supreme Court of the USA has previously found that such reliance on the psycho babble by some shrinks/psychs is not good enough to turn the assertion that all animal abusers are candidates for serial killing, or that nearly all animal abusers will be killers, or that watching violent videos or shows, or reading books will cause to become violent, or any such assertion that harming an animal will lead to killing people.  We absolutely 100% disagree with the article which is basically nothing more than latching onto HSUS theory, which is based upon the psycho babble that some others have espoused. There are some predictors that in anecdotal cases, may be seemingly “predictors” of bad behavior to come, however, a violent person who would be violent to animals is plainly violent and would require shrink care regardless. Violence in road rage, domestic violence, violence when drinking, violence when angered, violence when jealous, the list is long.

Violence is violence and in many case, violence with animals has nothing to do with people killing people. Most people that purposely kill over and over have a brain dysfunction which is amplified by other outside factors, including cultural upbringing. Social welfare issues including animal abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, and many other forms of abuse are not necessarily predicted because of watching, reading, or viewing violence. Pedophile and child sexual abuse are different topics.



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