SB917 of CA Spreading to MORE States!

We told you……… WA state is moving to implement the sales of any animals in public places….just like CA SB917…………..a “non profit” can sell, display, give away, adopt, show……..pretty much wherever they want……….IF you are NOT a non profit you cannot show, sell, display or give away in a public place, which usually means outside, but could even be INside? Since in CA, only the inside buildings are likely exempted for “show” animals……..


SB 5203/HB 1201 would limit the sale of animals in public places to address health and humane conditions that sometimes occur with “backyard breeders.” SB 5102/HB 1186 would provide veterinarians with immunity from liability when reporting suspected animal cruelty.

We noticed that the words “non profit” groups are not the only people or groups that are exempted, and while there are some changes that make it not quite as bad as CA law, but it says if it occurs on “private property not open to the public”…….well, that is not the parking lot of a vet, a private kennel, a private rescue which is not a charity, an apartment parking lot, a parking lot not part of a pet store (so Denny’s or a restaurant, or the YMCA parking lot, the library or local dog park)– are not excluded.

We are certain that SB917 was already passed in more than a few states other than CA. Usually the AR laws tend to go where the liberal voters are, the states carrying OBAMA.   Article goes over some of the problems of SB917 in CA……….and believe us, there is PLENTY wrong with that law!!


2 thoughts on “SB917 of CA Spreading to MORE States!

  1. It violates equal protection and equal application of the law and therefore discriminatory and allows for preferential treatment under the law.

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