80 Rural acres~ 40 Chickens~ Solano County= Nuisance ?? YEP

While difficult, if not impossible to believe— well, BELIEVE IT !!! This is crappy California for ya, the only state in the USA dumb enough to get 12 people to believe that having 40 chickens on 80 acres equals a nuisance!

BUT– would it surprise you to know:  The District Attorney is an AR,  and HSUS chicken purported “expert” is an obvious AR……… and guess what?  The guy was tried the first time, and it resulted in a hung jury.  Then Solano county went at it again, retried the owner, and the second time the jury found him guilty on public nusiance (for “smell”) and that’s it?  The case is being appealed.

But what we are getting at is this:  The so called expert for the district attorney was an HSUS so called expert that we won’t name because we don’t think he’s an expert for one thing. We also think he has been a shill inserted as someone who pretends to engage in illegal activities as a snitch (on purpose of course) so what does that make him, except a snitch… in our opinion?

This just goes to prove that it doesn’t matter if you live in a mansion on 80 acres. Your chickens make you guilty.     PartrPekinCklUKWAGONS HO secured redu


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