Advertise Puppies, Your fine is $1,100 in Sacramento CA

Here’s an example of ARs tellin’ it like it is in their little world????

Hello all,

There was a bit of chatter on the SAAC list-serve the other day on the topic of breeding and local ordinances, so I thought it would be good to set the record straight.

It is true that breeding unlicensed animals in the City of Sacramento is a violation of local ordinance.  We do respond to homes where we believe breeding is occurring based upon advertisements in the Sacramento Bee and Craig’s List.  It is true that the Sacramento Bee posts the disclaimer about licensing requirements in the pet section, but do not enforce that requirement when selling ad space.

When we respond, if both parent animals are on site along with a litter, the citation is $1100.    [What this really means is: AC purposely goes over newspapers and online ads LOOKING for ads, so they can go out and FIND and FINE people.] 

One of my goals this coming year is to dramatically reduce the number of backyard breeders in our city.  As you all know, they negatively impact all of our shelters and rescue organizations.  I welcome any assistance and suggestions on how to make this successful. Feel free to private message me.

 Thank you,

Gina E. Knepp

Animal Care Services Manager

City of Sacramento

916-808-8333 or 916-230-4533


Our question is,  exactly HOW does Gina know that “backyard” breeders brought in all of the negative impact to shelters/rescues?  HOW does Gina know that the animals were not adopted, found, rehomed, or otherwise NOT from alleged BYB?  HOW does Gina know where ANY animal turned in came from?

Sacramento always has tons of look likes a pit bull, could be a pit bull, and it is a pitbull. They never used to have any small dogs. Then all of a sudden it’s claimed they have too many chihuahuas. If  Sacramento outlawed looks like a pitbull, could be a pitbull, or it is a pitbull, yes, they would have a whole lotta dogs to kill from the get go. Even if they altered 95% of any dogs that looked like a pitbull it would not stop the killing in Sacramento. It wouldn’t stop the killing in Kern County, Devore shelter, or any other kill shelters.  Sacramento would have to outlaw breeding completely, and even then, people would just get their animals from another state.  The reason for this is because most unwanted shelter animals are not planned breeder dogs, but are from litters that were not planned.  If altering was available like Sacramento claims they make it, it would be nearly free. It is not free and buying a shelter animal is not free. Most of the time they are between $85 to $150 and up. The cats they sell should be $50$10 or free, not $65-$75.

That’s why they end up killing everything. They cost a lot to buy, and if no one wants them, it’s cheaper to kill them. Maybe they should have a kill-a-thon to see which shelter can save the most money.

The consistent AR mantra is:

Do not buy a puppy, do not advertise a puppy, do not give away a puppy, do not sell puppies, do not rehome them for any fee (in other words you should give it away free?), do not show animals to people outside, do not sell show dogs, do not breed animals, do not own an unaltered animal, do not use a dog crate, do not feed the food ARs do not like, animals are not property, animals should not be sold, animals are not products, in other words, follow the Animal Rights 12 Steps like a good lil’ vegan.


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