How HSUS uses alleged “mills” to Ruin Dogs/Pet commerce

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We originally posted this FOUR years ago! And it’s still the same– only now HSUS

HSUS focused on kennels back East where owners were being targeted.  Calling a lot of attention to this, HSUS tried to make it appear as if every dog sold in America came from exactly the same background, which of course, is completely not true.

Unknown to most of the PUBLIC, HSUS +ASPCA were working, using all of their DONATED money from the public–to get laws passed so that dog kennels and sporting dog kennels would be non -existent.


Praying that more people get on the stick and help us against the evil HSUS agenda!


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With “help” likely from HSUS–45 (forty five) pages of BAD  regulations were drafted applying to  dog kennels.   The laws applied to ALL licensed kennels.

The regulations were overly restrictive, overly specific, burdensome, and of course, cost-prohibitive on purpose.

For example, the rules dictated HOW ALL kennels MUST be constructed, and HOW MANY air exchanges MUST occur in each kennel for each hour.  Each kennel must meet specific temperature requirements for the air and the flooring of the kennel, the light diffusion must meet certain requirements, specifically. [Normally on construction projects the HVAC guys can estimate/test for air cycling exchanges. But sometimes you need a specialized engineer, depending on the project]

If rust was found on a kennel fence, that would constitute a violation of the law.  The regulations required WRITTEN exercise PLANS for EVERY dog in each kennel.  A veterinary EXEMPTION was required for a dog which missed even one day of the REQUIRED twenty minutes of daily exercise; hunting and field trials did not count toward the requirement.  There were many, mnay more regulations, including allowance of search/seizure without due process.

Masters of Foxhounds Assn, USSA and others, including AKC, Farm Bureau, sporting dog groups, dog clubs, rescue  kennel officials, animal shelter operators, and university research kennels and pet owners were outraged.

What the public didn’t realize, was that this WASN’T about a few substandard kennels.  But the way HSUS set it up, was to make people think it IS about certain kennels.  The facts are that HSUS does not want any dogs in any kennels, no matter how good, no matter how expensive.

The USA is not in a good economic position. Nearly every industry is down.  GMC, Ford, even Toyota, the housing market, construction, retail, banks, just about everything. People are fearful of losing jobs.  Unemployment is high.

Probably the only worst time was the Depression—so in terms of the economy—not only is ruining the pet trade commerce a bad idea,  it’s also a bad time to be allocating more money toward EXPENSIVE+UNNECESSARY+OVERREACHING LAWS that require excessive time, money and man hours IN ORDER TO  O-V-E-R   R-E-G-U-L-A-T-E!

The goals of HSUS et al is NOT saving pets. Instead, the goal is to ELIMINATE people from buying, selling and owning them.  That is why it took 45 pages of regulations.  They tried to cover everything.  Fortunately, with united help, all objectionable provisions but 2 were either modified or removed.

The question is: WHY must people suffer because of the HSUS?

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