Timothy M.Ryan Bank Atty on ‘Facebook’ re Horse Case

Timothy M. Ryan (Irvine attorney) posted to Facebook –just one of many of his rants and raves, when the Timothy M. Ryan crew was regularly posting on Facebook, blogs, online venues, and newspaper blogs— about the bank attorney actions against the horse owner, where the banks (Wells Fargo and B of A) used improper foreclosure tactics by implementing an illegal “receiver” and then using the receivership improperly to take the horse owner’s land and improvements, plus illegal seizure was used to take the animals.  All of them.

Here is the infamous bank attorney strutting his nonsense:

“Jeremy, I appreciate your kind words. Calling me a thief, however, is not poor wordsmithing…. Rather it is actionable. As someone who literally put his life on the line for this case and these horses and the DAs case against Bennett, who travels with armed security when in Susanville for one reason and one reason only, who went to bat for these horses when no one in Susanville did squat*… I am beyond offended at the aforementioned accusation. Ms. St. John is represented by counsel… Her counsel and I speak quite often… I will give him whatever information he needs. We had an email exchange just yesterday in fact. I will not, however justify my actions to an ignoramus who calls me a thief in public. I have spent 16 years building a reputation as an honest man and able counsel*, unless the accuser Mindy Wilson issues an apology on this thread, she will likely face legal action. A bad idea to call the lawyer who saved her friend’s horses lives a thief… Bad indeed.”  

PD:   GAG@#$!% Cough %!$#@                  *Ryan might be “able” but he surely is definitely NOT honest. As proven by all the fraud and improper actions he took, definitely NOT honest.

As for “putting his life on the line” (what a joke) —- the only thing Ryan did was to conduct improper legal actions, create liability for the banks, find himself being sued for malpractice and fraud and for good reason, and according to Ryan himself, he cannot get more work from financial institutions following his own debacle in the case, but it was not his fault??!  Believe us, it was ALL his fault and it will be proven to be ALL his fault since the banks rubber stamped what he did, and that’s according to evidence provided by Ryan himself.

Ha Ha Ha!! Ryan may not be a “thief” [in the absolute literal sense]  but what do you call an attorney that violates the procedures in place for attorneys? How about scoundrel?  How about disbarred attorney?  Here we have an officer of the court putting in his $1,000 worth of crappola, above, and there is way more where that came from……..Ryan  was completely responsible for setting up:
1. The “receiver”, for rents and profits only, but which Ryan used to impart as an equity receiver,[meaning they can take your property under law if in fact, you were someone like B. Madoff]; engaged in an illegal seizure of animals without any exigent circumstances OR warrant.
Receiver (controlled by Ryan’s law firm)  did not secure the property, allowed trespassers to steal the place blind, then when nearly all property was either stolen or taken, decided to board up the property. All during the bankruptcy– which is still in place. [Receiver then sued the banks (Bank of America and Wells Fargo) and got paid, and dismissed the lawsuit she filed against the banks.]  Also under the illegal receiver, the bankruptcy court allowed the issue of the horses to go under the State Court’s jurisdiction, where  the horses were property of the debtor-owner.
The state court then ruled (by the now defunct judge) that the owner had no ownership or say in the horses, and ordered the horses to be moved back to Lassen County to a different ranch. The Grace Fdn. then hired Christine Garcia,Esq. of San Francisco who then filed to intervene, and overturn the horse return order, refused to allow the horses to be returned, and filed a $2million claim or lien against the debtor’s bankruptcy estate. Judge later ruled that Grace Fdn had no basis to intervene.  (We may not necessarily agree with that ruling but that was the ruling.)
So the Grace Fdn. wants 2 to $20mill for taking care of the horses and refuses to move them. The horses are still in Grace’s care, although we know not all of them are there, since some are dead, some were likely sold, given away, adopted, etc, even though Grace never gained ownership since she was only the temporary custodian.  Grace sued the bank attorney Timothy M. Ryan and the banks when she could not get a money deal with them to her satisfaction;  Grace had to later hire  several attorneys, of which only the last one is still trying to fight Ryan; the other one left the case, and the other firm is appealing the anti SLAPP.
 If EVER there was a mess caused by an attorney’s errant actions, this case is right up there. Timothy M. Ryan of Irvine should go down in history as the “bank attorney” who did it ALL for himself, created one huge debacle for the court system, purposely employed both improper and errant procedures in the court documents, improperly misused the procedures available to ensure a win for his side [commonly known as abuse of process when done for wrong reason] ,  purposely tweaked the filings and declarations to match the filings— or even rendered NON SIGNED material pleadings into the official Superior Court record.
There are pages added or subtracted from NON official transcripts which were then used in place of any valid transcripts, submitted declaration to bankruptcy court which was illegally pieced together and a fraud,  confidential information obtained,  and revealed it to news agencies to bolster his bank foreclosure case, took NON ordered relief [such as “reformation”] and morphed it INTO a judgment, had it rubber stamped by the JUDGE (knowingly) –which if done knowingly–is likely a FELONY!  And this isn’t the entire list but you get the idea?  And NOW the other bank attorneys (after Ryan got taken out of the case) — just keep going and continuing where Ryan left off? To continue to do so is clear misconduct which could amount to malicious prosecution. 
2. Improper “equitable lien and mortgage” without an attachment, or writ. Not only completely wrong, but done wrong purposely.
3. Improper eviction, without the eviction process at all. Done purposely.
4. Improper jail for the owner, based upon “contempt” which had no required due process with the mandated notice for trial, and forced owner to “take the stand” and testify. Done purposely so owner would be in jail.
5. After all of this, attorney Timothy M. Ryan moved the lawsuit (where he is being sued for malpractice and fraud by Grace Foundation) from El Dorado County to Los Angeles.
It is our belief that the newly appointed Judge in Lassen County will not be an unethical persona and just cater to the banks, despite the banks arguing that they can proceed with their actions filed before the bankruptcy was filed in 2011.  They cannot, as there is the bankruptcy stay and an appeal filed on the issue of the equitable lien and mortgage being “void” in the Third District Court of Appeals.  Owner-debtor has not filed lawsuit  YET  —   against Ryan, Banks, The Grace Foundation, etc, but it is coming up.

2 thoughts on “Timothy M.Ryan Bank Atty on ‘Facebook’ re Horse Case

  1. Mr. Timothy M. Ryan through one of his attorney Paul A. Grammatico Produced a FORGED Promissory Note in a court case against me on November 2, 2010. The Case# 37-2009-00073376-CU-OR-SC. Another attorney of the Ryan Firm Mr. Ross Scarberry produced a FRAUDULENT QUALIFYING CERTIFICATE (MERS) in the same case. Both attorneys immediately left the firm upon producing those documents.

  2. Mr. Thomas…. I hope you win this case against this person. Anyone that has a termination rate of 40+ employees within a 4-5 year period tells you someting. Glad this jerk is finally getting a taste of his own!

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