Coton dog People Sue AKC, What Next? Join HSUS?

Let’s face it. They are probably already HSUS members…..  The elitist breeders, whether AKC or not, think that if HSUS raids kennels which have AKC registered animals, this means AKC is helping to run the “PM’s” that HSUS uses as a money magnet TOOL to do more raids, take more money, make more bad laws, make more stupid commercials to fund the HSUS coffers.

Seriously now people, do you really think ANY group or organization in the world has the time and money to check EVERY single dog kennel or every dog owner in the USA? Would AKC refusing to register any larger kennel’s animals MEAN that it would imply all those ones that WERE registered are perfectly great?  That is not much different from HSUS saying only the farms that HSUS claims is “humane” are humane, and all others by disassociation must not be humane.

This is nothing other than HSUS simply USING these elitist breeders as a TOOL to create the divisiveness that Animal Rights spawns on a daily basis.  These elitists simply infer guilty by association so they simply think in many instances they will not associate. There is nothing wrong with not associating– BUT let’s not have HSUS continuing to RUN the show by quoting HSUS and then believing that HSUS actually defends animals?  HSUS  only claims to be an animal defender, what they really do is to turn people against anyone they feel is not doing the right thing–and for AR groups, owning, buying, selling and profiting is both a moral sin, a crime, and a crime against animals in general.  HSUS must find and gouge out the worst they can find in order for shock value.

So we would have to dig up the worst of the worst offenders and then claim all breeders are like “this” or all rescues are like “that” and that all “selling” is abuse.  And that is exactly how HSUS gets these laws passed.  By  deception and giving control to the media rather than the truth.  Animal abuse is far less rampant that child abuse–but no one would know that.  The media promotes animal abuse as if it was happening on every single corner.  That is completely wrong and HSUS has to DIG to find instances of abuse, HSUS has to offer rewards, HSUS has to use contrived media to make everyone think the facts are the way they tell ’em.

We live in a video based, fake reality shows, glued to the fake TV shows 24hr a day. No wonder. 

Note: Warning– link goes to what we consider to be an AR based HSUS propaganda article talking about the coton stuff. We would never recommend such crappola as it is AR based and shows complete lack of serious data, specifically using quotes from HSUS–but therein lies the problem. People read it and buy INTO the crap. It’s really called spoon fed disguised HSUS propaganda. Learn to recognize obvious propaganda especially if HSUS said it.  As for the lawsuit, if there are valid legal issues that is one thing. However, to link it in an article where HSUS is dredged up and inserting PM nonsense ruins the credibility.


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