AR Wack Jobs Brand Themselves for Animal Rights

Do the AR extremists E-V-E-R get tired of being both stupid and schzoid?

Apparently NOT. It’s not enough to be just bizarre, or a wingnut.

ARs are not called extremists for nothing. Perhaps next they will set themselves up in a pen and crap all over themselves, or start selling each other as slaves for cash only, or better yet, living in kennels with ambient air temperature of no lower than 50 and no higher than 77 F?  Or perhaps they could isolate themselves only in ONE area, like a park for idiots, and stay there without wreaking havoc with the laws they keep making that never solve anything, but just create more harm in general?

We are very tired of hearing about the next NEW AR stunt and the nonsense that goes along with it. but if we don’t say anything, who will?  Besides the news groups of course.


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