Using FB+AR Propaganda to Promote Legal Biz?

Anyone who KNOWS “shelter and rescue” animals, is very aware that there are seldom and almost ZILCH animals available in kill shelters that resemble any of the animals shown on this “humanesociety” facebook link—– but we received this legal “invite” to go to the Silicon Valley Humane Society………..OK it’s obvious it’s very VERY well funded…..almost to the point of misrepresentation………because anyone who has EVER rescued an animal in their life, will know that cherry picking animals and then reselling them, is commerce, not charity. The only CHARITY which is not labeled “charity” is the state/county/local animal shelters where they kill everything.
so if you REALLY WANT TO HELP A RESCUED ANIMAL, DO NOT BUY AN ANIMAL FROM ANY ORGANIZATION THAT USES PROPAGANDA FOR ADVERTISING AND THAT INCLUDES ANY VERY WELL FUNDED HUMANE SOCIETY OR OTHER SIMILAR TITLED PURPORTED “RESCUE.”    The well funded humane societies are nothing but those who would USE the animals in order to gain HUGE donations for themselves, then brag that they are replacing kill shelters with “adoption” dogs/cats.

This has NEVER been true, and it never will be true.  It is simply a money making group that does what most of the other groups do— pretend to do one thing, but get rich at it while making the public believe they are welfarists.  Wise up people. VISIT your local small rescue or the local animal control. YOU WILL NEVER FIND ANIMALS THAT RESEMBLE ANY ANIMALS YOU SEE PICTURED SUCH AS THESE:
And we instantly UNsubscribed to this attorney’s  invite because apparently he has bought into the AR nonsense that using animals to make yourself more money is ok if you are a non profit, but  if you are an attorney, and don’t know anything about AR propaganda, then it’s great for you to do the same.  Hardly.

Silicon Valley Humane Society Event August 9th, 2013.
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We invite you to join the attorneys at the Law Offices of Peter N. Brewer for light bites and a fun filled evening at the beautiful facility of the Silicon Valley Humane Society! 

Please RSVP with the number of guests you plan to bring by calling 

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