ARs Close Down Legal Businesses–Who is NEXT?

Warning: When We See This–There is a Problem

Maybe even a legal problem???

For the record: Pet defense is willing to do lawsuit in San Diego case involving shutting down pet stores and banning the sale of animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits… Please let anyone interested know and they can email by sending inquiry via comment on this blog. All comments are vetted prior and no personal info will be disclosed on blog. Have gotten responses from several other attorneys.


San Diego should be smarter than to close down pet stores simply because animals came from commercial kennels. But to listen to the “defense team” that was dead set on stopping the sales of animals— mind you– only animals from commercial kennels, which, as far as we know, are legal until proven not legal—- this type of run them out of town unless they do it “their way”…is not to be condoned.  As you can read below, their “defense team” did/said this:

“We don’t want the stores to close. [Hardly true!]  We also don’t want them to build their business on the backs of suffering animals. [An AR religious/lifestyle belief]  We offered to provide contacts with breed rescues and shelters.  [BIG, BIG deal!]   We offered to promote the store. [Another huge deal offered only to promote the defense “team”]  We offered to provide additional information about professional  and public relations volunteers who would help them promote their new humane model stores at no cost.” [Yet another propaganda technique which indicates the old model was INhumane]
Puppy Star’s CLOSED MARCH 2012!!!+ Naedeen’s Puppies — owned by Puppy Star’s CLOSED MARCH 2012!!!+ Pet Place — owned by Puppy Star’sCLOSED 2012!!!My Puppy Closed! This store has shut down. If you hear of it reopening in a different location, please let us know.California Pets at North County Fair, Escondido California Pets 2525 El Camino Real, Carlsbad (Plaza Camino Real)Pet Works CLOSED DECEMBER 2010!Grossmont Center Shopping Mall, La Mesa
Fiesta Pet Shop 1145 Highland Ave., National City
Noy’s Pet Shop 2550 Imperial Ave.
Pet Market 1536 Sweetwater Rd., National City

Puparazzi — CLOSED SEPTEMBER, 2011!!! Woo Hoo! Mission Valley Shopping Center
Pups & Pets 50 Town Center Parkway Santee, CA


PD: …..and how much interstate commerce was affected?  How much business income was lost?  How many families now do not have an income?  Can ordinances be made simply because a vocal minority can fool people?  Does this actually help save shelter animals or any animals in the local area?  does this type of ramrod run ’em out of town behavior not drive up the cost of the animals that people want?  Does this not encourage rescues to simply obtain the same animals behind closed doors?  does this not show that a legal business is not safe from ARs unless they can afford to fight back?  does ANYONE see the connection between this and the law passed in CA which claims that a non profit is exempted from animal abuse while selling or giving away outside but a normal person or group would be guilty?

Unless there was actual proof of any violation of law, what this amounts to is simply taking out a legal store, with legal pets, and closing them down based upon a photo or photos [notice we do not have the actual data on anything illegal] and then concluding that ALL of such animals stem from ALL of the same source, and ALL of such sales are thus INHUMANE, without more. THEN the “defense” team claims they offered to get contacts with breed rescues/shelters, with help to promote a “humane” model for free.

Well damn, it is no wonder that no one would buy into their mantra. Why the hell would a pet store want to use breed rescue and shelter animals?  A pet store is a business. So in other words, close down a business and be forced to start a charity?  Are you kidding? If this isn’t an overkill method then what else is it?  It will drive up prices for the animals that are desired, it will make them more difficult to get, it will create even more of a black market for such animals, and it will NOT RESULT IN SAVING ANY ANIMALS FROM SHELTERS.

Below is the rest of their crapolla— it’s not only legally disgusting, it’s plain outright wrong.

and this is what PIJAC faces across the nation– the inability to stop a train full of emotional ARs that will do the Jihad dance until end of the world.

VICTORY!!! Finally no more puppymill sales in San Diego

The ordinance to ban the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in San Diego pet stores was passed by the City Council yesterday! Those of us in the Council meeting room cheered with joy when the unanimous vote came in. We have worked long and hard for this and that includes every one of you receiving this message.
The San Diego Animal Defense Team is a grassroots group that has been working exclusively on the local puppy mill problem since 2008. Our focus is the connection between puppy mills and San Diego city and county pet stores. We have held hundreds of educational outreach events and protests at all of the pet stores selling puppies, including Pet Works in Grossmont Center, Pups and Pets in Santee, California Pets in Escondido and Carlsbad, Puparazzi in Mission Valley Shopping Center, Puppy Stars in Clairemont, Naedeen Puppies in Oceanside, Pet Place in Rolando and San Diego Puppy in Grantville.
We documented the puppies in each store. We investigated and researched their breeders. What we found is disturbing.  Every San Diego store that we investigated uses puppy mill breeders. We have been able to identify these breeders through information given to us by people who bought the puppies, which we then tracked through a central data base and USDA reports.
Many of the same mass-producing puppy mills supply all of the San Diego area stores.
 (slide) One is the infamous Stonehenge Kennel in West Point, Iowa. 1,118 breeding dogs are trapped in cages in the buildings you see on the aerial view slide.
(slide) Here’s what you see when you look inside. They have multiple USDA violations of the most basic kinds of humane care.
In addition to educational outreach and investigations, we sent a letter to each store, offering to help them change to a humane model so they could continue their businesses cruelty-free. I have a copy here if you want one. We don’t want the stores to close. We also don’t want them to build their business on the backs of suffering animals.
We offered to provide contacts with breed rescues and shelters. We offered to promote the store. We offered to provide additional information about professional  and public relations volunteers who would help them promote their new humane model stores at no cost.
We are sorry to report that no one was interested.
It’s important that we all keep in mind these are businesses that do not sell products. They sell living, breathing, feeling animals. The animals feel pain and fear and they need the comfort and companionship of humans. We hope you agree with us that San Diego does not want businesses that are fundamentally based on cruelty to animals.
This is a multi-billion $$$ industry, with profits at multiple levels — the puppy mills to the brokers to the puppy stores. Everyone wins at this money game but the animals. And they lose every time.  This ordinance is about protecting them. Please do the right thing. Vote YES.
PD:     We really do not believe that forcing closure of legal stores selling legal products is legal. AND under the LAW, the commodity being sold are animals, and YES they are, under the law, PROPERTY.
Yet by reading this, you can see they did it.  And by people doing nothing, we will in the future, have kids that won’t know what breeding for temperament and form mean. All they will know is that they can buy an animal from a non profit which is “humane.”  What it should be called is more like racketeering.   OMG.  Hell is upon us.
We do not believe that simply because an ordinance CAN be made, it must be legal. We don’t think that running people out of business because a commercial kennel was involved is a good legal reason. And even though Petland and Hunte, in Arizona, got their cases dismissed [in being sued by HSUS], we can see when ARs ban together and go to the malls en masse, and show even ONE picture of ONE kennel— without even blinking an eye— the public will be led to believe THAT EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL KENNEL IS EXACTLY LIKE THE ONE IN “THE PICTURE” even if not true, and even if there is no proof of  wrongdoing.
It is like this, because of people like Oprah, Ellen, Wayne, Ingrid,  and all the rest that simply use propaganda and HSUS as the springboard.  Pass it forward— it should not be LEGAL to shut down a legal enterprise.

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