Missouri Appeals Court Socks HSUS a Black Eye

HSUS filed an appeal on something that the Appeals court states– was a moot issue and tossed it.

Think very carefully—- the appeals court says HSUS thought train would produce absurd results.

You have to read it [below] to find that–it’s on pg. 9, if not more pages,  but HSUS NEVER unintentionally does anything. HSUS does WANT absurd results because it will suit their purpose when they keep piling on more and more lawsuits for no purpose.  From a legal viewpoint, there is assuredly some hidden reason for HSUS to do this, and it would likely affect other proposed regulations, statutes, ordinances, or some legality that HSUS may have worked up in other areas, other states, other legislation, etc.  Just be aware that when HSUS worked its BS nonsense in CA to secure Prop 2 and the Eggie People lost out because it was too little, too late, HSUS had 5 lawsuits filed against eggie people, then dropped the lawsuits. We think one of the lawsuits went all the way through.

At least the state of Missouri figured that OUT.  Congrats to Missouri. It may not be the best state, but this is proof they have figured out HSUS.

HSUS MO MOOT CASE ABSURD    [short excerpt below]

EB hsus dec OK


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