We Told Ya So..Animal Abuse More Important than People


As we have LONG STATED, ARs have pushed animal abuse to being anything they SAY it is–no matter how moronic, no matter how stupid,no matter how nonsensical. It is animal abuse to not have Fido on leash, it is animal abuse if dog has a runny eye, it is animal abuse if dog doesn’t have dog bedding inside dog house, it is animal abuse if dog doesn’t have a dog house [mind you, it cannot just be protection which does the same thing], and as our AR abuse test has wildly shown, [which is also on this blog of course] ——- we are RIGHT again, and again, and again.  We know AR bullshit from 100 yards away.



Battered dogs attract more empathy than battered adults, study finds

Posted Aug 20, 2013 6:00 PM CDT
By Molly McDonough

imageImage from Shutterstock.

Researchers at Northeastern University have found that people feel more empathy towards hurt or battered dogs than for an adult human.

But when it comes to babies, the playing field is level.

The findings are from a study conducted by Northeastern University sociology professors Jack Levin and Arnold Arluke that was presented at this month’s meeting of the American Sociological Association in New York City, according to Boston Magazine and a news release.

In the study, Levin and Arluke asked 240 students from Northeastern University to read one of four fictional news articles about the beating of a 1-year-old child, an adult in his 30s, a puppy, or a 6-year-old dog. Each story was identical except for the identity of the victim. After reading the story, the students, who didn’t know the stories were fake, were asked to rate their feelings of empathy towards the victim.

The researchers found that age and species worked together and made a difference in the degree of distress of the respondents.

“We were surprised by the interaction of age and species,” Levin said in the release. “Age seems to trump species, when it comes to eliciting empathy. In addition, it appears that adult humans are viewed as capable of protecting themselves while full grown dogs are just seen as larger puppies.”

Levin explained to Boston Magazine that he believes people have become desensitized to violence and they believe that adults can fend for themselves.

The study did reveal that a small group of respondents, females, were more distressed by victimization in general, as opposed to their male counterparts. Levin told Boston Magazine that the gender difference is consistent with other empathy studies he has conducted.

Levin and Arluke have been studying the relationship between animal cruelty and human violence.

“Many people seem to be more sympathetic to animal victims than they are to humans, so we decided to develop an experiment where we tested the idea,” Levin said. “From here, ….. (SEE LINK above for entire post)


Despite what the “researchers” think, the link between animal cruelty and human violence is not what they think. People who are mentally afflicted will hurt anything they want to hurt, period. They are completely mixing up how a mental person may treat animals vs humans, claiming that doing abuse to animals will predict doing abuse to humans. It is probably safe to say that not that many people will abuse animals and only stick with animals, but if there were no animals to abuse, would they move on to people? Probably so, since they are alive.

Abuse usually requires something be alive?  Abusing anything (animal, people, etc) is simply evidence of a big problem. It really doesn’t make much difference that it might be an animal and people have “more” empathy– it’s that way only because animal rights have MADE it that way by drumming up purported animal abuse, animal abuse, animal abuse for decades.

THAT IS THE REASON ANIMALS GET MORE “EMPATHY” BECAUSE TO ARs ANIMALS ARE MORE WORTHY THAN PEOPLE; ANIMALS ARE WORSHIPPED BY ARs in case no one noticed?????   DUH.  For instance, whales were asserted to be slaves and have constitutional rights in San Diego. Need we say more?  It’s “animal abuse” now to sell a dog or cat if you are NOT a non profit?   It’s against the law to sell a dog or cat if you DIDN’T GET IT FROM A RESCUE, SHELTER OR NON PROFIT???   HELLO??? !!!


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