Moving Past P Mill Debate is Right! Missouri Stomps HSUS  2011 St Louis Post Dispatch

The state that wouldn’t lose to HSUS and ASPCA—


Public outrage had boiled over regarding the dogs rescued from subpar breeders and shame over Missouri’s moniker as the puppy mill capital. The Humane Society and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals largely bankrolled the effort, Prop B, a ballot measure enacting stiff new rules for dog breeders.

Victory was short-lived. The industry has an estimated $1 billion to $2.5 billion annual economic output in Missouri, according to the Missouri Pet Breeders Association. Immediately after Prop B passed, breeders complained they would be shuttered by the new rules. A limit of 50 breeding dogs would cripple larger operations. Outlawing the stacking of cages and requiring bigger cages would be too costly.

Lawmakers were listening.

After a convoluted legislative process, those provisions and others were stripped or changed.   The cap on dogs was gone. Limits on breeding frequency were abolished, but a veterinarian could impose them in certain cases. Cage sizes had to triple, but not for five years. And instead of solid flooring for cages, the new law said flooring should not sag and had to be thick enough so paws would not get caught.

The Humane Society and ASPCA were outraged.  While this would not likely happen in CA, it pays to realize– who knows how to deal with HSUS tactics? As can be seen from the data, the MO industry of dog breeding is estimated at $1 to $2.5 billion…that is interstate commerce. Crippling breeders by changes which are cost prohibitive is typical of HSUS AR rules. HSUS may find substandard kennels but HSUS does advocate to wipe out “mills”, however, NOT all commercial kennels are substandard. There is a difference. It would be wrong to close down kennels that are operating correctly, legally, and within the law. This fact is ignored by HSUS using gritty pictures of kennels that are likely not in compliance— which does not mean ALL kennels are NOT in compliance? Let’s be serious. 



Opinion Issued Today, August 13, 2013, by
Supreme Court of

This ruling by the Supreme Court of Missouri upheld the judgement of the original court Against HSUS concerning shelter fees for shelters and rescues.

More Good News from Frank Losey
August 13, 2013

Fox and Friends – May 20, 2013
At last, Maybe the IRS will be forced to investigate the HSUS’s tax exempt status!   NEWS  Video re HSUS/IRS

Don’t forget that it was MoFed’s President,
Karen Strange, who made the request to
Rep. Luetkemeyer that caused him to become involved with this issue!

To Donate to MoFed and support their  work to protect the animal owners of Missouri and other states that are being attacked by HSUS, click here.


For the truth about HSUS, click here. 
(For the Hi.-Res. version, LONG download, click here. )
(For a smaller version, faster download, click here. )
(Posted 5-27-2009)

 To see a Different Video About HSUS, go here.
WARNING, some of the pictures in this video
are not pleasant.
(Posted 5-26-2009)



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