ARs Assault Others at San Diego Pet Store

Animal Rights Protestors Scare children, Assault and Batter Employee, or Patrons?

The pet stores owned by David Salinas in San Diego and Oceanside are being assaulted by the animal rights protestors who have possibly run other stores into the ground by purposely causing patrons to become harassed and afraid– including children!  First Amendment law allows certain legal protesting which is peaceful.  However, the actions taken by the protestors in San Diego and Oceanside seem out of control and non peaceful. Also, see the sign below: does this look like something any business owner would want outside the front door of the business?

This is for the most part, defamation? Does standing up for your rights  cause persecution— by ARs?  Yep.

Here is a sample of what ARs say:

..”While it’s possible that this puppy retailer is obtaining his dogs from reputable sources, it’s highly unlikely. A big part of what makes someone a reputable breeder, in addition to the care and well-being of their dogs, is knowing where their puppies end up and placing them in loving homes. ARs say:   “Anyone can walk into a pet store and buy a dog. When the puppy walks out the front door, you have no way of knowing what his new life will be, whether he’ll be bred, if he’ll be loved and cared for.” Good, reputable breeders that care about their dogs, simply don’t sell to pet stores.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah…… and that’s why the so-called “reputable” breeder (according to ARs, who are just copying show breeder talk)         cannot:  a) breed too much   b) sell too much   c) charge too much   d) sell to anyone without “meeting” them   e) display animal outside in public….BUT it is perfectly GREAT for a non profit (HSUS, ASPCA,etc)  to be outside,  display outside,  charge too much, sell too many,  and even ship animals off to another state or country, or IMPORT strays to the USA from another country,  which Best Friends did,  spending over $140,000 of DONATED $$$ to bring in STRAY dogs to the United States of America.

WELL—-ANYONE can walk into a shelter and buy a dog, no one really asks questions, they will kill dogs if they aren’t taken, and the dog has a 50%+ chance or more that it will be RETURNED, according to the latest Pet Smart Charity Statistics.

In fact about 50% or more of shelter dogs are returned before 6 months.

And most of the dogs in shelters were not bought from pet stores or breeders– but were acquired at  zero $.00 to $100, and most are mixed breeds, often of unknown origin.  Dogs acquired at the highest cost who have the most vet care are usually kept by owners and if not, they are sold on the open market–they don’t get put into shelters.

This is so obvious when people are “shocked” to find “good” dogs, actual “purebreds” and “designer” 5lb mutt mutts in shelters. In FACT– rescues fight among themselves to CHERRY PICK these dogs for RESALE. Rescues do NOT give dogs away. Rehomed dogs are not free from rescues. The only free dogs we have ever seen are online.

 If shelters would do their targeted altering in the least economic viable areas, they would cut down drastically on unwanted animals. There is no way around this. Stopping pet store sales does nothing to help shelters.




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