ARs+Hobbyists=APHIS Pet Store Fury

AR groups are working to, little by little, take away our rights to own and use animals.   Let’s count the ways: but make sure to see Pet Defense’s opinion at the end. Remember, free speech.

1. Mandatory Spay/Neuter
2. Breeder Licensing (destroys hobby breeder who produce some of the
best and well-socialized purebreds)
3. Kennel Licensing w/Privatized Inspections
4. Differential Licensing
5. Potential Dangerous Dog Laws (High Risk Animal Designation)
6. Breed Specific Legislation/ Registration
(higher licensing fees, mandatory insurance minimums, breed-banning,
mandatory muzzling, length and style of collars and leashes)
7. Anti-tethering and anti-crating Legislation
8. Pet Limit Laws
9. A parent-like ‘Guardianship’ Designation
10. Husbandry Limiting Laws (FLORIDA tried to make it where only a vet could
worm dogs!)
11. Animal Control attempting to force ‘euthanasia’ on owner’s pets or be charged with criminal animal abuse for maintaining old age pets with ‘naturally’ failing health issues
12. Anti-Hunting Laws
13. Anti-Fighting Laws (actually used to legislate hunting, coursing, by
animal on animal being considered fighting)
14. Mandatory RFID “Chip” Micro-chipping
15. Pet Licensing Public Data Bases (The whole world can read all about
your pets and know where you live!)
16. Legislating Unreasonable Medical Care Responsibility
17. Mandatory Temperament Testing
18. Purely Positive Training Methods
[Criminalizing Training Devices (training collars) or methods that
include corrections
19. Containment Restrictions
(height and type of fences, size of property, kennels, crates)
20. Mandated Care Requirements
(dog must be walked 30 minutes each day)
21. Greater Police Powers by Animal Control Agencies to Enter Your
Property and Seize without warrants
22. Private Citizen/Agency Seizures (“BAD” Samaritian Laws)
(allowing a private citizen or agency to remove an animal from your
property that they consider at risk)
23. Size limits and ‘pet quantity’ limits when no dog problems of care and maintenance exist
24. Anti-Cropping/ Docking/De- clawing Legislation
(but yet they will carve out your dogs internal reproductive organs!)
25. Out-lawing “Deformed” Breeds (English Bulldogs, Basset Hounds, etc.)
26. Legislation based on faulty research studies — correlation studies
rather than causative (Did you know all people who drink water die?
Therefore we need to stop drinking water!) Correlation is not Causation!
27. Some European Countries, it is illegal to have a dog pull you that is not a northern breed?
AND THE NEWEST TWO that make it illegal for Martha Stewart to own a dog:
28. Limited Ownership of Dogs by Convicted Felons
29. Defining dogs as Weapons and making it illegal to use a dog as a
“weapon” (so long home protection)
30. Mandatory Animal Reporting and Identification programs (local, city, state, and federal systems)
31. ALL Breed Anti-Pet Ordinances (first used in Alta, Utah, and now in Louisville, KY in a 100 page ordinance, controlled by essentially one man (director of Animal Control) over every citizen with a pet or animal).
32. National Animal Identification System (NAIS)
………and NOW
we have complete banning of sales, display , transfer, barter, give away– by those who
are not non profits, not a shelter, and not a rescue — and if you are outside, in public area, and God forbid you’re in your own parking lot area– you are in violation of California PC 597.4 called malicious mischief, which means animal abuse. But NOT if you’re a non profit.
……and  NOW if you actually have the guts to own a pet store,
you are breaking the law where no animals sold (dog, cat, rabbit) can be from
a purported “commercial” kennel or any kennel– THEY MUST BE FROM
NON PROFIT SOURCE, SHELTER OR RESCUE.  Is there some law which makes
commercial kennels illegal?  Hardly.
But if HSUS had its way– YES they would
all be illegal. Hobbyists would be illegal, after all– they are  businesses– they
are “hobbyists?”  They always claim they don’t make any money. That is not the
model of a business or is it?
Well now under APHIS— the hobbyists (not all but some)
may qualify as a “pet store” and they are furious. Who can blame them?
have long chosen to separate themselves from commercial kennels– so now if all
breeders, good, not so good, fair, not so fair, the best, the worst, etc—are all being
hit by HSUS and APHIS, mind you— the hobbyists that want to fight can all pay for
the right to be hobbyists. And maybe they will. Hobbyists will only work with hobbyists
and that is the deal– there is no unity with separatism. What that does is called
LOUISVILLE, and we all know what happened there. Some elitist breeders sold out.
Anyone who reads this, esp. hobbyists,  we expect will get mad. and they should.
Good, because they
will need to become furious to save themselves since they are only concerned about
themselves. Breeders only have a bad name because of HSUS and ASPCA, etc. Breeding
can be a good thing if the proper enforcement was used without ARs running it.
The techno age has herded in the ability for anyone to have a camera 24/7– get used
to it because it isn’t going to get better.
WAGONS HO secured (1) (800x618)

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