Another Animal Rescue Guilty of Cruelty

SO, it’s the commercial kennels fault eh?  Shelters and rescues are routinely abusing animals, transporting nationwide and flying animals thousands of miles. But they don’t want commercial kennel animals “trucked” or “transported” in trucks?

They don’t want animals housed in kennels, yet nearly every shelter in america houses animals in kennels.  They don’t want animals shown in small display kennels with see through fronts, but it’s ok if THEY show recycled animals in the exact same see through display— then it becomes “wonderful.”

People— it’s all about WHO is doing it, NOT what they are doing. ARs are focused on themselves, their ideas, their way, their laws, their definitions, their ordinances, their animals, their propaganda.   If they OWN a commercial kennel dog it is called “PM survivor”; if they own a disabled dog, it’s called “victim of bad owners”;  if they sell animals outside it’s called “non profit exemption” even though it banishes rehoming outside for anyone else.

Twenty-eight dogs, most of them German Shepherd or Shepherd mixes, were removed from the two-story building just a block from the borough hall after neighbors complained about the strong odor and noises.


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