Update:  At the Oceanside meeting– a key employee of the pet store owner was assaulted/battered by an AR extremist who semi-tacked the employee, yanking her arm, scratching, etc. when she attempted to grab some laminated signs from the employee. The police arrived and one of the attorneys for the pet store talked to the police and got a police report filed.

Here is an example of AR fanatics in front of store (not the San Diego store owned by Mr. Salinas)

Notice the fanatical screaming, and one gets arrested………………………………..  Our understanding is that such antics have caused the closure of stores or at least a store.  No surprise there.  But is this legal?  Would or  Should PETA cheerleaders [for example] be allowed at a  dog show where 2,000 dogs are shown?  —  what type of arguments could be made related to the purported free speech?  Newer case law does not necessarily support theatrics and conduct by protestors as it did in the Pruneyard case from years ago.



We are pleased to report that after last night’s meeting in Oceanside CA, to consider the BANNING of any pets but rescued/rehomed/non profit, the city council did not get sufficient votes to ask for such a law. HSUS helps to push these bans in theory since HSUS called the pet store owned by David Salinas, to try and get him to use the HSUS business model.  We saw the email sent to Mr. Salinas purportedly from HSUS.

Despite receiving threats from people he calls animal rights extremists, a San Diego-area pet store owner said he will stand his ground against cities trying to ban pets stores from selling animals which are not from non profits. 

The ordinance, proposed by Councilmember Esther Sanchez, would exempt stores that sell animals from a humane society or rescue organization.

Dozens of speakers offered their opinions on the issue at the Oceanside City Council meeting Wednesday night.  David Salinas, the owner of Oceanside Puppy and San Diego Puppy, said his store is doing a good thing and sells dogs from federally and state-licensed breeders.

“We’re just trying to protect our business and trying to protect the consumer’s right to choose. We have nothing against adoption, but you should have the ability to choose,” Salinas said.  While Salinas said it would penalize his business, proponents of the ordinance offered images of abused dogs and spoke of inhumane kennel conditions.  At times the discussion grew heated and the mayor had to warn the audience several times to calm down and keep their opinions silent during public comment.

Outside the meeting, Salinas told NBC 7 the efforts are animal rights extremism and admitted that he’s received threats.  He also wanted to point out that San Diego Puppy has not been issued a citation or a violation by the City of San Diego.

“I’m going to fight for every legitimate pet store out there,” Salinas said. “For every federally and state-licensed breeder, I’m going to stand my ground.”


HSUS was represented by someone from Burbank, CA, and a videographer was persistently getting up close to both Mr. Salinas, the San Diego pet store owner, and attorney K. Schlesinger (co counsel with C. Chan, Esq) and the others were only allowed 2 minutes each to speak.


WAGONS HO secured (1) (800x618)


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