4 letter word with 9-LETTERs (not pitbull) It Affects All Pet Owners

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We need to be clear on one thing. There is no such thing as a legally defined “puppym—.”  And any time the label is placed on ANY kennel–it has a far reaching effect on us pet owners, because this is used as a tool against all of us.

That is strictly an AR term used to DESCRIBE the situation/people  they believe do not “treat” animals the way “they” want such dogs treated.  In other words, commercial kennels are ordinarily very, very legal.  They have rules and regulations. They are running an operation of producing pets for people that wish to buy them.

To listen to the rant, rant, rant of ARs, etc, one would “think” that commercial kennel dogs are all abused,  or that every single commercial operation was a horror shop. This is just another typical MEDIA MARKETING ploy that ARs USE against dog breeders.

Categorizing them as “ALL” greedy scumbuckets, but then labeling same dogs in shelters or rescues as “wonderful” and everyone should adopt one. A dog is a dog. We may treat them like family but they are animals.

What HSUS is doing, is resurrecting the TERM and applying it to all breeders.

Dog breeders may not realize it but that is what is happening.  We have seen dogs from commerical kennels. We have friends that own them. We know acquaintences that have obtained them. So what? It’s their dog and they wanted to buy it.  They paid for it knowing what it cost. It was their choice.  puppies

Here is an example of what general counsel for ALDF (Animal Legal Defense Fund)  says, which is the same as HSUS:

“The simplest way to assure that you are not supporting puppy mills is:

…………..don’t buy puppies.         [How asinine can you get?!]

HSUS wants to take  CHOICE away by claiming that no one WANTS animal cruelty, and then claims all commercial kennel dogs are “puppym—”  dogs when there is no such thing. By ARs creating that category, they are purposely FAILING to say that such dogs can be fine.  In other words, it’s their DISLIKE of animals being raised in a commercial setting of ANY type–whether it’s run according to the law, whether it’s clean, whether there are no violations.

They don’t WANT people even to BUY a dog raised in a HOME–so what the hell?  HSUS is passing MSN laws wherever possible, limits on how many dogs can breed, limits on owning dogs, and quasi legal methods of animal seizure, to stop hobby breeders.

Yet they CLAIM the commercial kennels aren’t raising dogs “in homes.” So what?  A dog at 8 weeks old is just starting out and should be fine if a proper owner takes care of it. Every CHILD is not raised in 100% perfect surroundings. Every child does not have 100% perfect parents.

Yet Best Friends, HSUS et al,  expects EVERY pet to be whelped THEIR way and the entire dog stock done THEIR way. Their way is to ONLY adopt (see other posting on Best Friends trying to FORCE everyone into “adoption is only option” nonsense.)

In other words, Best Friends takes in “Vick dogs” and claims all dogs should have a chance, BUT then turns around and owns “dontbuypuppies.com” meaning children/adults/public DON’T  have the right to buy a puppy!!

We rescue dogs but DO NOT support the elimination of CHOICE!!

In canine rescue the way we do it, we just tell the truth; if you have kids, you might not want a rescued animal. You might not want a shelter dog which has been exposed to unknown diseases. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced dog owner and know the ropes, you might want a shelter dog.

Go look at the Volusia County (FL) ordinance which has raised the ire of many pet owners. They tell you when to feed, what temperature the kennel must be, how many minutes of exercise, what food must be given, what size dogs can be had, number of pups born limited (as if you would know that in advance) and on and on. Wanna bet HSUS helped draft that law?

There will always be some negligent owners.  That’s it.  We don’t dispute negligence is out there.  BUT THAT DOESN’T MAKE EVERY DOG FROM A COMMERCIAL KENNEL A BAD DOG, A SICK DOG, A WALKING TIMEBOMB DOG…………..

If all those dogs were actually THAT bad, then why does HSUS get SWAT teams to seize them, and then gets them to

different shelters/rescues/pounds

where they gleefully sell them as fast as they can—

and the people have a field day

trying to vie for one of the dogs? 

Check this out, ladie’s dogs all seized:   http://tinyurl.com/3jez72  [sorry-5yr later, link is not available]

This has happened where we lived before.  Doing normal dog rescue and suddenly 300 dogs from an alleged “dog bust” was announced.  So many people wanted the dogs they had to shut down the phone lines.  So many people swamped the shelter they had to turn them away.

Almost 800-900 people beseiged the shelter TO OBTAIN A MILLED DOG, TO OBTAIN A COMMERCIALLY BRED DOG,


How many AR people know anything about dog breeding?  ARs know only what the Senior AR people tell them. Then they follow instructions.  They know little and nothing about dog breeding, all they know is they want dogs to have more room, more exercise, more space, blah blah blah.  But I know better.  That’s just what they CLAIM.

What they REALLY are trying to do is to

outlaw commercially bred dogs entirely,

and hobby bred dogs as well.

And now, in 2013, that is exactly

what they are trying to


by BANNING the sale of

commercial kennel animals.

The manner in which dogs are kenneled, whelped and sent out has far less to do with the end product dog than the OWNER of the dog.  Have ARs  ever whelped a litter? It’s not the human owner’s job to whelp the dogs, it’s the mom dog’s job. Only a novice mom dog might need help—maybe.  If you carefully THINK about what I am saying you will see the logic in the AR strategy.

BUT  AR HSUS et al  mislead the public into thinking every single cotton pickin’ commercially bred dog is a nightmare.   Certainly Not every kennel is in trouble with the law.   That is blatantly FALSE………—but re-homed dogs–that’s another story.

As indicated on another post on this site,  well known author Jon Katz’s own dog, a re-homed Border Collie, was put down by Katz after the dog bit 3 people and Katz had exhausted all of his remedies.

It’s like this–there will always be good and bad dogs. We would be willing to BET that  few or NO fatal attacks have been done by milled dogs. But more than 50% of such fatalities HAVE been done by re-homed dogs.  And ARs NEVER ever mention that–but they still advocate to kill pitbull dogs.

 We find that FAR more important than how much exercise a dog had before it arrived in my home.