Another Example of Wasting Rescue Donations

In animal rescue, especially CATS– which very few people seem to want–it’s a known fact that over 50% of killed shelter animals are feral cats/cats in general. So if they didn’t put cats into shelters (and Maddies Fund/others are saying not to bother putting cats into shelters, since most just get killed) — WHY would ANY rescue want to throw down thousands and thousands of $$$ to pay for tons and tons of medical work, surgery, and more medical work?  on a cat?

The clear answer is:  One– to use the Okie Doke— the poor little kitty, poor little puppy story for emotional saps that will throw $$$ their way, all the while, taking a cat that needs $5k, $7k, $10k of medical work is insane. Put the cat down and forget about rescuing it, instead, get 5-10 cats that DON’T need any medical and get all of them homes without spending $10,000. Cat is probably worth.05cents.

NOW ya kinda get the idea why rescues don’t operate for free? Now ya kinda get the idea why some rescues adopt out dogs that have killed kids?  The “Oh it wasn’t that dog’s fault, he didn’t mean to do it” routine.  Then over 200 idiots sign up to adopt a dog that has already killed a kid?  Are you kidding?!  No– we are not kidding. Helen Woodward Animal Center or whatever it’s called in Rancho Santa Fe did just that. Oh, but make sure to adopt it out to people who DON’T have a kid.

Best Friends is another piece of work. Spends $140,000 of donated $$$ to go to third world country and bring back STRAY dogs. Couldn’t just skip over a few states and take in dogs from the kill list.  No, had to make a big production of going overseas to save, save, save.  Another piece of insanity, with insane people then donating toward ludicrous behavior. As if Best Friends didn’t have enough animals?  They have over 1,600 animals that will NEVER leave the place.  We call that hoarding.

Now, this isn’t about spending, well we guess it actually is…now look at this picture below—- which some group sent us, and tell us, would this appear to be “animal abuse?”  The answer is yes.  In other words, if ARs want to have someone arrested that has actually DONE animal abuse– that’s one thing. To claim “abuse” when there is no abuse, is another.

The problem is that animal abuse is apparently not animal abuse if a shelter does it, but it is if the owner does it.

BTW that damage on dog is from bacterial infection after demo mange was left untreated, according to what was sent to us. We don’t verify this because it is likely no one would take the blame. But assuming it could be true, yes it would be animal abuse unless someone was going to kill your kid if you paid to treat the animal.        Then that might be harming an animal to save a human’s life.  Which in most cases would exempt the abuse. But not if you are a “non profit. Ha ha.     If you have the guts to look at animal abuse by shelters, look at this which is not new, but nevertheless true. Nathan is an attorney from Stanford Law School and is well known for promoting no-kill.



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