Forget the Cats, and Give Away the Owner Dogs

California shelters working with HSUS say forget killing all the cats, just release all of them. the ferals. We all know where that will go. If there are too many it will eventually cause rabies somewhere. HSUS will blame owners for it, not shelters.

As for OWNER animals “not licensed” and turned into shelter or were running at large (we guess) — owner doesn’t get dog or cat back, it can be adopted out ASAP and forget any days grace time. We got too many to get rid of so might as well do it faster appears to be what the ARs are saying.  Interesting.

Maybe the shelters should just contract with some company that will only kill animals, period. Then they wouldn’t be doing it and could blame the people that actually do it?

There was actually one good thing we saw they recommended, and that was to educate people on how they could learn behavioral training to some extent. Teaching. We have also noted that they said that people– rather than bringing to shelters, could actually REHOME their own animals. Perhaps that is why we have noticed so many more animals that aren’t run of the mill on Craigslist— NOT being flagged off. But let’s not forget, there’s that pesky little HSUS law that got passed, where it’s a crime to show, display, offer or give away the pet outside in a public area.  Unless you are a non profit.

Hmmm, seems the ‘non profit animals’ can be sold– maybe even MUST be sold in certain cities. Also seems that only non profit PEOPLE can do all the selling, outside,  without any rules.  And last but not least, even if the NON PROFIT people can sell anywhere, and non profit ANIMALS MUST be sold [but not any commercially bred animals, mind you] — who out there really believes or foresees that such a ridiculous setup will save all shelter animals and stop whatever abuse is still out there?

We knew 14 years ago that ARs would stop the selling of animals. That day is here. And it won’t save all those critters that no one wants.  What will happen next is the auditing of every animal and if you cannot prove it’s a non profit animal you pay a fine, or forfeit animal or go to jail. If you think this can’t happen, you need to get with the program. It can, and it will happen. Just wait. People will be fined for not having healthcare, so fining for buying the wrong animal can’t be far behind. Knowing HSUS, it would be a fine PLUS seizure. Especially if it’s a cool dog that those non profits can’t wait to get their grubby hands on.


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