The Taint of the AR “PM” Word+ Hobby Breeders

The taint of the “PM” category so readily made mainstream by HSUS and other AR groups, has been fueled along by hobby breeders in their usual way of avoidance. What does that mean?  It means, instead of understanding what happened, they instead walk directly into the AR trap of breaking ranks.  Breaking ranks of what? Of breeders.

According to studies, more than 50% of owners were given their dog, or obtained it as a gift supposedly–meaning they did not buy the dog. Most shelter animals were obtained at $0.00 to $100 (one hundred) bucks, so obviously the pet store animals and expensive bred animals do not make up the shelter population. Most of the shelter population comes from lower economic areas with mixed breeds/or oops babies, in California anyway– Los Angeles is a prime example. And no, “no kill” would not work in Los Angeles simply because they will not be able to give away all the dogs that come from the poorer areas since they have yet to lower the rate at which such dogs are born.  If they did lower that rate, it would be a start. This is not rocket science.

There is good, bad, and ugly in everything. Even gangs have hierarchies and rules. But even gangs stick together. Union workers stick together. Soldiers stick together. But hobby breeders–they don’t stick together unless it directly affects them [not just breeders, but them specifically as hobbyists] which is why they are sorely pissed off at the APHIS regulations heavily put in place by HSUS/other ARs, since HSUS former attorney is in there, among others.

Sure, APHIS regs are probably done improperly, see this link…  and sure, there is probably some group or special interest that can challenge an administrative ruling of course, or a permanent regulatory change….. Who that would be is another question.  (on HSUS actions)

Nevertheless, first we see articles on claims that AKC is linked to PMs, then we see claims that only  crummy breeders would “be” a commercial kennel breeder, then we see claims that it is the fault of X Y Z for the demise of hobby breeders. Let’s face it, hobby breeders raise show dogs for the most part, and no one, repeat, no one likes “PMs” [substandard kenneling]  and no one likes “animal abuse.”

Who or what is a “crummy” or “reputable” or “good” breeder is completely subjective. For the record, how HSUS/ASPCA devised their definition of WHO is a good breeder— is from hobby breeders, claiming that animals are raised “underfoot” meaning inside, and not in kennels.  The truth is that there is nothing wrong with kennels. They may not be the GOLD standard but for over half a century, such dogs produced have fared well and are not in shelters for the most part.  HSUS just doesn’t want any animals raised in volume outside or even in kennels that are inside, no matter how good the kennel may be. So naturally HSUS must spend 3-12 years in trying to find the errant kennels out there.

But for the most part, there is not really a huge amount of animal abuse, but for HSUS saying there is; and because it is not common, it always makes the news;  and if there are always a certain percent of, let’s say drunk drivers within the pool of those driving, and there are always bad doctors within the pool of all doctors, and there are always some bad restaurants within the pool of all restaurants, why exactly do the PMs get all the attention?

Obviously because HSUS+ARs know, that ONE picture can be used, even if it does not APPLY to the person or kennel at hand– and people could believe THAT person is associated, when in fact, that person is not associated, has nothing to do with it.

So in actuality, HSUS simply seizes upon fact that USDA regulations are what they are, and since HSUS can’t seem to really change those regulations, HSUS infiltrates USDA, Aphis, or whatever. But HSUS was in there long beforehand.   HSUS does long range planning. They couldn’t change the exception granted to hobby breeders in 2003 court case.  They couldn’t get their PUPs bill passed. They can’t severely change the Federal USDA APHIS or AWA on commercial kennels. So instead,  HSUS gets inside APHIS or wherever and manages to change APHIS, or appears to have changed it, to the detriment of hobby breeders potentially being labeled as pet stores. MUST a pet store only have animals from USDA kennels? In some instances, perhaps.

So even if hobby breeders were pet stores, do people (outside of the hobby breeders) really care? No, they do not. They just want a dog.

Hobby breeders are mostly show dog people. Most people don’t need a show dog. Hobbyists could have a very strong stance in our opinion, if they opted to understand that just because one doesn’t like commercial kennels doesn’t mean that working with such enterprises will result in losing anything.  Hobbyists live in a vacuum and always believe their way is the right way. The right way may be paved with good intentions. But if you are after results, look at Mo Fed.

They not only managed to topple the HSUS proposed breeder rules, they got a much watered down version; they helped stop the loss of a huge economic tax basis; they helped to stop the loss of jobs; they managed to make HSUS look like garbage. And that’s in a state that has a lot of commercial kenneling.

Surely there are more hobby breeders than there are commercial kennels in Missouri? If every single hobby breeder would support the right to choose, which involves commerce or some form thereof, it would become obvious that breeders supporting the RIGHT for customers to have choices in animals (remember, this is property, not children) would go much farther than ignoring the banning of animal sales. Hobbyists should definitely be AGAINST any BAN on ANY sales of animals.

BANNING animal sales can only lead to one thing. Forced sales of shelter dogs only. Banning ownership. Banning breeding.  Oh, we forget, HSUS already did that.

Don’t believe us? We haven’t been wrong yet. Better grab yer dogs. And guns.

and just for fun, even Supreme Court judge doesn’t like Facebook:

WAGONS HO secured (1) (800x618)


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