Craigslist: Help or Harm to Animals? ARs say Harm

Happens every time, the minute someone finds out that something happened to a rehomed dog or any animal at all, and it was obtained on Craigslist, the ARs rush to tell Craigslist that they should not have a pet section to sell, give away, rehome or anything.

Granted, for anyone who is familiar with Craigslist, it has been involved in prostitution claims, murder claims, fake goods claims, and now animal abuse claims. Worse, human traffic claims and slavery and stalking, etc. For that matter, be careful [if u have kids] because CL contains completely X rated stuff on the site, and unless others flag it off, it’s basically a porn site that parents don’t know about. Don’t believe it? It’s there, every day of the week. Especially in big cities, and it isn’t prostitution necessarily because the listers don’t charge.

Hell, in San Francisco, home of CL, all the live sex acts in the clubs line the streets. Unless that has been outlawed, and we doubt it. But selling animals, yes, that appears to be something to outlaw by the ARs.

We are just saying, it’s ok to have porn [on CL]  without any regulation, but we can’t sell animals???

It should also come as no surprise, HSUS tried to equate animal abuse WITH porn claiming that it (animal abuse) should be specially classified at the porn level, so HSUS could get into regulating it because they feel animal abuse is PORN?  This type of thinking was used in HSUS’ bid to the Supreme Court of the USA when they submitted their violent video briefing, because HSUS got Leland Yee (CA state legislator) to push that law, which passed.

Gaming industry got an injunction against implementing it.  Why? Because of free speech. HSUS didn’t try to make the videos banned– HSUS wanted it put in the same category as porn, which does have first amendment protection but with many conditions. HSUS generalized that kids who watch violent videos can become abusers, claiming that serial killers all started with animal killing. So that violent videos should be restricted and classified, equivalent to porn.

// PD note:   Had the Court allowed it, the violent videos then would have lots of restrictions (only sold to non minors for example) and be treated as if it was porn, since HSUS was attempting to get it classified for a reason.   At that point, HSUS would then move to categorize animal ABUSE in that category, since ARs believe animals are humans or equal to, or somewhat better than people.  Believe us, that is exactly where HSUS was going with that line of thinking.

But do we really need to get rid of things that for most people, who are decent human beings, serves a legal and legitimate purpose, such as selling your furniture or buying same?

Should we immediately get rid of “something” because it may end up that criminals end up doing wrong things? Do we stop sales of animals because they can be abused?  Do we stop legal abortion, divorce, drinking, protesting, or any other legal forms of conduct, which, if taken too far, can cause issues?  Oh I had a bad divorce so I need to burn down this house, engage in drunk driving, injure the spouse’s favorite animal, and then suddenly we outlaw divorce?

That is the type of thinking that ARs use. If problem “A” happens then jump to “Z” to ban it.

For example, as mentioned at outset:  Craigslist

“The most recent development in the aftermath of Puppy Doe’s death has been an appeal to Craigslist to change their pet-adoption policies. The petition on asks Jim Buckmaster, Craigslist’s CEO, to get rid of its rehoming section in order to keep animal abusers off of the site.”

The petition reads:

“Craigslist is often a go-to source for animal abusers looking for victims because it is anonymous and there is no accountability or screening process like regular shelters and rescue groups provide. Craigslist must ban all of these re-homing postings, so it is never again a part of tragedies like what happened to Puppy Doe… These are breathing, feeling, loving animals we’re talking about, not old sofas or televisions.”


Please. Another AR with limited mentality.

PS  On another note, we mention that the Sacramento shelter is advertising animals for $20 adoption. That would be a good deal if you can find a suitable animal for your family.  Also, we noticed that CL in Sacramento has not been flagging as many animals as usual.  We usually do test ads to see how long they will last and normally they get flagged within 5min to 1 day.  With the kill rate and bad economy the ARs have finally figured out that less shelters getting animals means less killing. So there are way more animals for sale on CL than we have ever seen.  For that, it’s about the only good news we have seen lately.  But it’s something.


One thought on “Craigslist: Help or Harm to Animals? ARs say Harm

  1. I so agree. Craigslist is like anything else Guns don’t kill people do. If a pet owner is trying to rehome their pet they need to check out the potential new owner. It is just a medium Craigslist does not abuse animals people do. If they want to abuse an animal they will find it somewhere So would classified ads in local papers be next or signs at a local store? What about the animal sites on Facebook that people post animals for sale? It is a matter of one step at a time for AR to totally eliminate anyone offering an animal for sale.

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