Hmm…Can ARs Really Outlaw Sales of Pets??

Well——  10 years ago people thought “nope” but nowadays, not so fast pard’ner?

Various cities around the United States, mostly in California, home of the freaks galore— insist that they can in fact, outlaw the sales of animals and then force a business — yes– FORCE a business to do it “their” way, or get out of town. Los Angeles and other So Cal cities have outlawed fur sales, the rodeo, the circus, petting zoos, and the sale of puppies, thanks to AR groups that are apparently vegan and HSUS-PETA based.

Hmmm…… well now…. we guess we will see just how good of a law that really is— forcing others to BUY animals from “non profits” and maybe even non profits located in California?

Because the San Diego Puppy Store owner is definitely not going home.  Not shutting down. Nope, he moved his pets to Oceanside upon advice of counsel, when threats kept coming in, incessant phone calls, emails, letters, notes taped to the front windows, surveillance, and far more kept on happening, all the time.  After the police and FBI were contacted, the racial and threatening phone calls stopped, but then the lies and misrepresentations continued.

Yes, yes, yes, we have first hand knowledge of what is going on.  We have waited for this day to appear for 10 years, because we knew it would happen.  Not just outlawing the sales of animals or pets, but FORCING the business entity to SELL only animals that are from — get this– NON PROFIT SOURCED ANIMALS.      hello???

yES, YOU SAW THAT CORRECTLY.  The San Diego Ordinance actually outlaws the sale of animals (dog, cat, rabbit) which is NOT from a non profit source !!!

Hey– can we force you to buy a used car?   Can we force people to adopt kids?

Can we force people to only buy Toyotas?     Can we force people to only buy certain brands of clothing because other brands are made in third world countries?   Can we force people to close down Wal Mart because they don’t pay union wages?   Can we force you to buy food at a certain store because the other store hires only cheap labor?   Can we force you to go to school and get a degree in engineering because some countries need engineers?

If you understand what we are getting at, then you already know, we cannot force people to sell what we want them to sell, simply because we don’t like the FEDERAL LAW THAT REGULATES THE FIELD.   But San Diego believes they can do it, because they passed the law. And protesters have closed down  many pet stores,  and taken credit for it even when the store has not been closed down.   Also, which is really amazing, the proponents of the law actually  BENEFIT from the law because only THEY– often working with the government (city, county, etc)  stand to gain by having their own merchandise sold by those who are not really interested in selling that merchandise.  AND– does it surprise anyone to know– that millions of shelters animals which are “adopted” are returned to the shelters or given away or sold within 2 weeks of adoption?  or up to 6 months?  We are not surprised because in 2008, studies show that such animals indicate over 50% of them display behavioral issues.

Who is fooling who here???



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