WF Bank Loses Bid To Dismiss Horse Seizure Appeal

Wells Fargo Bank attempted to file a dismissal against the horse owner (“Susanville 70”) in Third District Court of Appeals, Sacramento, CA.  The Third DCA DENIED the Bank’s dismissal.  Owner’s opposition

Opposition to Dismiss Appeal C072171   The banks, especially Wells Fargo, know that they can try and do their end run around horse owner by trying to cut him off at the pass so to speak, and getting the illegal Receiver tossed, or something close to that.

They have been trying to get the Receiver dismissed for quite awhile, claiming that the horse owner, despite having filed bankruptcy, does not OWN anything out of the pile of whatever items are left that haven’t been stolen at the property site, and that’s despite both bank attorney Timothy Ryan and Austin Beardsley, having prevented the horse owner from even going inside the premises to retrieve any personal property– because the two attorneys refused to alllow horse owner on the property.  Only about 1.5-2years later did anyone let horse owner onto the property, and by then in 2012-2013, all of the property had been left open to thieves, thanks to the Receiver, and the failure to insure the property. Further, the former business partner to horse owner had been awarded community property in her divorce, and she had given horse owner the property. Behind the scene, someone got the business partner’s ex husband to claim he owned all the property, not the ex wife, and that the horse owner did not own such property. We have no idea who owned it but likely the horse owner probably did, judging from the way this case has been handled. Lassen County, much like Reno, NV is rife with corruption.   We could be mistaken, but for a pro se to engage an Appeals Court, and be able to keep his appeal in place, over WELLS FARGO BANK’S OBJECTION, AND OVER WELLS FARGO’S BID TO DISMISS, SPEAKS QUITE HIGHLY OF THE HORSE OWNER.

Why would the banks want the Receiver dismissed? So no one could sue the Receiver?  So no one could sue Wells Fargo?  So no one could sue Lassen County?  So no one could sue Timothy Ryan and Austin Beardsley?  So that the horse owner would lose everything?  Hell, the horse owner has already lost everything.  But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t sue the banks.  Stay tuned!



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