Roadkill in Montana will be Legal to Consume

“Despite good intentions, laws that are particularly targeted to enable charitable organizations to serve roadkill are actually “highly discriminatory,” Pritzker adds. “It essentially says that if you’re poor and dependent on food banks, you should not expect the same level of food safety that the rest of us expect. Think about the risk of harm if the party harvesting the roadkill has no scientific training, has no safety systems, has no clean and safe environment to dress and store the meat. This is an absolute prescription for disaster.”

Montana’s Fish, Wildlife and Parks agency will regulate the new law, and it stands to be busy. The state’s Department of Transportation reported more than 1,900 wild animal-vehicle crashes in 2011 and it collected more than 7,000 animal carcasses in 2012.”

Well— maybe HSUS will intervene and kill the law.


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