“Humane” Model Goes IN-humane? Uh Oh..

Note: We are NOT saying that the allegations against the person or group are true, or that they are valid. What we are pointing out is that OTHERS are claiming the person or group are making the news BECAUSE they claim that the person or group got in trouble with the so-called HSUS “Humane” Model of recycling animals, pretending or acting as  the pet-store?? [the links are at bottom of post]
While it is true that “recycling” and “rehoming” can be used to get some pets homes,  to learn exactly how difficult and near impossible this would be (as a sustainable, for profit enterprise) is to research it yourself. We have done so over many years, and in general, such a “model” is usually not a money-making enterprise, but usually requires infusion of cash, many volunteers, extra man hours/time, as evidenced by those who have done it themselves.
We are on several lists which send out tons of listings daily, and we mean many many animals, that are in shelters, so that rescues can try and quickly pull out the potentially adoptable. In California alone, there are over probably 1,200+ rescues of some type.
Yet if you look at the lists carefully, you will immediately see that at least 50% have major issues: mange (contagious or not), infections, wounds, extra hyper, known to break out of fencing, hates kids, hates other dogs, hates cats, hates men, afraid of children, never housebroken, no behavioral training, etc.  After having done rescue for years, several of us KNOW what goes on, we are very very familiar with the territory, Petfinder, and the other rescue sites. Many animals do get homes, but the real question is this: DO these animals remain in the new homes? The answer is that millions do not.
We will show you how to look: go to Petfinder.com (if you type in .org it will go to .com) and then query for Los Angeles CA, and choose dog or cat and 500 miles as the choice. You will see what kinds are animals are in shelters, and you will see which have been pulled and are in “rescue.” It’s called cherry picking. IF an animal is not pulled, rescues used to be able to pool/gather funds from others, to support the “pulling” of animals that no one wanted.
This could be a high number in the past, such as $800 to pull an animal that would never get a home realistically (such as a biter, dog-dog-aggressive, failed temperament testing, killed small animals, etc.)
With the economic downturn, the high $$ being pooled is not so high anymore. Despite having seen thousands of shelter/rescued animals, the fact remains that rescuing is a very expensive endeavor if done on a large basis.
Take for example, the San Diego Humane Society, one of the oldest groups. Their budget for several years, was purportedly over $23 million. Their per cost (per animal to rehome) was so high, the community was up in arms, claiming that they were getting out less animals and at an overwhelmingly high cost.
In fact, one person stated (rather aptly) that the SD Humane Society should just tell people it was the “4 Seasons” of animal rescue. If you don’t understand that, just ask a friend.
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The link online, which is said to also be on Petfinder…


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