HSUS Deception for $$$ on Puppy Store Model

We have just ONE question:

When is it a good idea to EVER let a dog (any dog) have its face in the position shown in the picture below, with a child or infant—- then HSUS is using it as a point of sale???

If this dog (is actually one for adoption?) or  had actually been one that came from a high kill shelter and had failed temperament testing, we can only imagine the liability that would ensue. * Just because it says “meeting the dogs” at adoption event does not necessarily mean “this” dog was to be adopted. However, that is the implication. Typical HSUS reporting.

We say this because this guy, who bought into HSUS” nonsense must already be rich or he’s just plain dumb. Or maybe for some strange reason, in Wyoming the shelters are just filled with perfect puppies, no defects, no health issues, no disease, no behavioral problems–OR—- is Best Friends Animal Society maybe pimping off their seized animals to the guy? Just saying?

HSUS pushing their “Puppy Friendly Pet Stores”

Gillette and Rock Springs stores help homeless pets as part of The HSUS’s Puppy Friendly Pet Stores program http://www.humanesociety.org/news/press_releases/2012/10/joes_pet_depot_100512.html   (this is from 2012)

  • “Young and old alike enjoyed meeting the dogs at the adoption event. Tim Kupsick/For The HSUS”

“With support from The Humane Society of the United States, Joe Seneshale, owner of Joe’s PET DEPOT, will no longer sell puppies at his stores, and has converted to a humane business model of selling pet supplies and making available homeless dogs and cats from local animal shelters. Seneshale owns two stores in Gillette and Rock Springs, Wyo.”


Below, HSUS first CALLED, via SOLICITATION—  San Diego pet store owner, THEN, store owner told them to send email. This is what HSUS sent (assuming it was HSUS):
On Sep 25, 2013 3:07 PM, “John Moyer” <jmoyer@humanesociety.org> wrote:

Hi David,

Per your request, I called the other phone number yesterday and your voicemail said to send an email.  Please contact me if you would like any assistance in converting to puppy adoptions at your store instead of selling puppies.  I would be happy to help in any way that we can.

Hope you’re having a good week and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks and best regards,

John Moyer

Outreach Coordinator, Puppy Mills Campaign


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Note in one short paragraph space, there are at least 15 (fifteen) ways to see + pay the HSUS just by clicking and giving them $$$$. Amazingly, there was no picture of poor ole puppy, but according to HSUS, their “PM raids” over 5 years, was “dozens” not hundreds, not thousands, but “dozens” and they had to either get the lead from a complaint, or from stealth. Then HSUS went on to brag about about how THEY got APHIS changed by using the friends in the government.

“The HSUS, HSLF, and DDAL pointed out that it was fundamentally unfair that people involved in the same underlying business enterprise (breeding dogs to sell for profit) would face entirely different regulatory standards. And [u]ntil the legal standard was modified, the federal government couldn’t take action because none of these mills required federal licensing and inspection…  [D]ue to pressure from The HSUS and DDAL,.. [i]dentification of this glaring gap in the law that allowed Internet sellers to evade any federal oversight whatever. It was that OIG report, combined with our advocacy efforts in Congress and with the Obama administration that finally compelled federal action.” ……  “[T]hat is a change worth celebrating, and we thank our supporters, the USDA, and our allies in Congress for supporting this significant step.

What does this mean? It meant that basically, all or nearly all of the videos HSUS had of “commercial” kennels were the ones that were NOT signed up under USDA-APHIS, but were simply acting as rogue sellers, and selling direct to buyers, without any oversight at all. That is why HSUS has trouble finding kennels that will be under APHIS that actually “look” like the ones HSUS shows on TV. Most of those substandard, non regulated kennels are not registered.  Notice that HSUS even states that substandard was flying under the radar by selling direct online to buyers– because there was no law to stop them. 

OK now we have a law that “makes it illegal” to fly under the radar. And exactly how would we GAUGE whether this in fact, stops anyone from doing it? We know the answer: HSUS will try and outlaw the advertising of animals online and in hard copy.

You don’t believe it? Just wait. They will force advertisers to present copies of their government issued breeding license, driver’s license and social security……… just a matter of time. Most utility companies do it, and all credit card companies do as well, with exception of the breeding license of course 🙂


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