Best Defense Against Dog Bites- by Your Dog

It may seem too simple, but the best defense against your dog biting someone is not to spend $5,000 training it. Of course, training is highly recommended.

Buy an insurance policy, preferably at least 3-9x higher than any possible damage the canine could do. In California dog bite attorneys for Plaintiffs will try and exceed the policy limits so even a mishap involving $8,000 can spiral up very high. A $100,000 limit would likely be the lowest. We were able to price a policy for $100k at about $15 per month which is incredibly cheap.

We have gotten at least 3-4 calls from owners whose dogs recently bit people.  There is no 100% way to stop your dog from biting, even if provoked or if an accident happens. Dog bite Plaintiff attorneys are almost worse than regular personal injury attorneys who focus only on car accidents.

Also, from the vantage point of having rescued many animals, if you are for some reason, a novice dog owner, do not obtain an adult shelter animal that you know nothing about, or any breed that the public believes is some type of  fighting dog. It will only increase your chances of being accused, because the animal control may believe your dog was at fault even if it wasn’t. And animal control doesn’t always want to save a biting dog.  If you are strong enough mentally and physically to handle a very strong dog, where the dog could inflict severe injury, then make sure your policy limit is high.

Buying a high policy limit will not ensure your dog is a canine good citizen but it could prevent you from having to file bankruptcy.


2 thoughts on “Best Defense Against Dog Bites- by Your Dog

  1. Do you have a company you recommend? I’ve always preferred the idea of having dog coverage separate from home owners insurance since the riders are so expensive, but I’ve never really looked into it.

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