Better Dead Than Alive, Including the AR Who Killed Pups?

An animal rights executive has been found dead along with 31 dogs in an apparent suicide.   The body of Sandy Lertzman, 62, executive director of the Animal Rights Foundation was found in her garage in Moreland Hills, Ohio. Most of the dead animals were puppies.

Moreland Hill police discovered Sandy Lertzman dead in the garage of the 31000 block of Jackson Road.
Her car was still running and vials of prescription pills were found in the vehicle. A suicide note, which has not been made public, was found inside the woman’s home.
One lucky puppy named Sparkles managed to escape from the car and got out of the garage from a small opening in the closed space.
The puppy now lives with Sandy’s husband, Rick Lertzman. Sandy is also survived by her son Matthew Lertzman, and 20 cats.
A sign in Sandy’s garage where she and her dogs spent their last few moments
It’s unknown as to how long Sandy was dead before being discovered by police, but authorities say she was last spotted on Sunday.
WKYC spoke with the Director of Dogs Unlimited Rescue, Gina Lutes-Finley, about Sandy’s tragic death.
Gina knew Sandy and also saves animals and helps them find loving homes.She doesn’t know why Sandy killed herself but she speculates it had to do with the overwhelming nature of caring for animals.
Gina Lutes-Finley knew Sandy and speculates that she killed her dogs out of fear that they would live in improper conditions following her death…
‘She wanted to continue to rescue and save these animals but, unfortunately, nobody can take care of 30 animals, properly, by themselves,’ said Lutes-Finley.
PD note: That’s nonsense
As to why Sandy chose to kill the dogs along with her, Gina guesses Sandy was worried no one would properly care for the dogs after her death. 

Neighbors of Sandy told Waff Sandy seemed increasingly depressed over the years, especially after losing one of her sons in a tragic car accident ten years ago.
Gina is helping to find Sandy’s cats a loving home.
‘It’s absolutely one of the most tragic stories because she had all the right intentions of helping those puppies,’ said Gina Lutes-Finley.
WELL— KILLING THEM (the animals) , IF DONE BY A NON AR— WOULD DEFINITELY RESULT IN PRISON IF IT WAS DONE ON PURPOSE. SO SHE SAVED THE STATE SOME MONEY BY KILLING HERSELF AS WELL. No trial needed. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear ARs say that she did the right thing? Like Ingrid, Pacelli, and the like. Or maybe she wanted to go out with a bang.

One thought on “Better Dead Than Alive, Including the AR Who Killed Pups?

  1. Hang on she had 31 dogs/puppies and 20 cats! No I am not saying HOARDER or anything but lets get the numbers right here! And I so agree if it had been anyone else the rest of the family would be up on cruelty charges and being called hoarders! Rescue sucks! I feel for the woman! Why did not anyone help her? She had friends why did they not step up and help? This is WRONG!

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