White Paper, Harvard Edu. on Pet Food

More than you never wanted to know about Pet Food in general….


IV. How Current Regulations Result in Confused Owners and Diseased Pets

Despite the overabundance of labeling requirements and regulations, the majority of commercial pet foods fail pets and their owners; the myriad of rules serving only as obstacles too easily cleared. While the American public buys bags of pet food plastered with appetizing pictures of chicken and fish, the contents themselves often contain anything but the chicken and fish we envision. This section reveals the true contents of most commercial pet foods, and proves that the current system of regulation is slowly killing our nation’s pets via confusing labels, misleading ingredient names, and inadequate regulation of the manufacturing process. The final portion of this section discloses how the missteps of AAFCO and the industry result in malnourished pets suffering from a variety of diseases.


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