Petco-AR + HSUS, NAIA +Aphis + Who’s On Second?


Dear Dog Breeders and Industry Friends,

Everyone has to make decisions every day, including businesses, and generally we assume businesses have their customer’s  best interests in mind. Unfortunately, that is not always the case with every business. 

Consider Petco and their relationship with HSUS.  Read Petco/HSUS partnership click here. 

Dog breeders are fully aware of HSUS’ hostility towards our industry, breeders and pet stores.  Petco has decided to partner with this hostile animal activist organization.  To what purpose we cannot be sure.

Petco must assume its business will now be exempt from the targeting tactics of the animal activists. Wishful thinking that maybe the tiger in the room will consume them last.

Luckily for dog breeders, Petco has little impact on what you do. However, AKC has now enacted an initiative to expand the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy classes so that  they will now be available in more Petco Stores. Read AKC/Petco initiative, click here.

We understand AKC’s desire to enhance the public’s awareness of its S.T.A.R puppy classes.  That’s just good business.   But, we do not understand AKC’s decision to partner with Petco.

This is truly troubling because this decision by AKC… may be telling the general public that it really does not have any issues with HSUS and its animal activist’s agenda.

We encourage all industry members and especially AKC customers to express their concerns about any relationships between AKC, HSUS and Petco,

APRI prefers to battle the HSUS agenda with a united front, but if necessary we will stand alone with the breeders and the rest of the industry against the HSUS agenda.

 Marcus Richmond, President APRI


PD Note: Petco based out of SD, California, is an AR group from way back in time…. Let’s put it this way Marcus. When a 100yr old+ organization (AKC) wants to increase funding and is losing members, and dog breeding is castigated as a crime and immoral act by animal activists, does Petco which is AR in general, partnering with HSUS and “AKC” mean AKC is AR? What it probably means is this: AKC sees such action as a step to gain potential new puppies that will be registered with AKC, which brings $$ to AKC.  Petco and PetSmart are then just tools used by HSUS to link to more paying donators.  The general pet owner in the USA does not know ANYTHING about animal rights, does not necessarily care all that much about it, and definitely is not mainstream AGAINST it because they watch too much TV, like Animal Planet, and hear/see too many “abuse” commercials.  The public actually believes that HSUS is there to save whales and puppies and that they help animals.  AKC does not publicly state anything adverse to HSUS because that is not its format. It is a conservative entity from outward appearances but essentially AKC will go with whatever decision enabling $$$ they need or want to continue what they do. Most of AKC funding if we are not mistaken, is from registrations. A lack of registrations means less money.


Re: NAIA + APHIS Regs: (by Walt H.)

Where are we today? Let’s begin with the telescope on the wide angle

The situation of animals in America has never been better. Health,
quality of general care, concern of producers/breeders AND the
population at large are all at the best levels in my lifetime and I
have never seen a hint that things were better at an earlier time.

How many owners spend thousands on care? Consider their pets to be
family members? Don’t nearly all farmers steadily look for safer and
healthier methods? How many pet breeders have sat up all night with a
whelping or a sick animal or spent ten times the economic value of
that animal trying to help it?

But — slide the telescope toward a narrower view — you wouldn’t know
that looking at our media or following our laws or court actions,
would you? In news, in the legislature, in the courts, things look
gawdawful, with rampant cruelty — and the problems are most likely
getting worse.

Why such a difference between reality and perception? BECAUSE THE HSUS
fundraisers’ who make their money by proclaiming a horrible problem
that will get much worse if you don’t sent bucks to them RIGHT AWAY.
This produces two results:

1. The perception of serious trouble even when the facts are
otherwise; and,

2. A steadily worsening REAL situation because the worse it gets the
more money they can make. They NEVER back anything that will actually
improve matters because if they did that, they’d hurt their business.
This is like the American Cancer Society backing development of drugs
to CAUSE cancer!

There are several ways to look at why HSUS (and the others) have been
so successful. One is that they got in the fight forty or fifty years
before we did. When you start as late as we have naturally you’re
going to be behind for quite a while. THEY have had time to try many
different approaches, they’ve started dozens of different
organizations, they’ve had time for the losers to lose and go away
while the winners honed their methods. Wayne Pacelle didn’t make AR
happen but he’s a recent adaptation that — in the short term —
better fits the AR organism to its ecological niche.

(In the long term he’s probably fatal to HSUS but if the organism is
Ebola, the long term isn’t what victims should be thinking about.)

Another way to look at it, however, is that HSUS (and the others) are
DOING STUFF. They NEVER quit. If today they hit a brick wall or even
look like fools, well, they scrub all mention of the failure from
their web sites, they attack in another direction, and three
or four years later, pivot back to go at it again. Ringling/Feld
Enterprises seems to be winning this round, but who imagines that HSUS
will stop attacking circuses for more than a year or two?

Their strategy is relentless attacks. Their tactics are whatever they
can pay for or steal and they do NOT trim their legislative or
litigation sails according to what precedent says has a good chance of
success. There is NO precedent for federal regulation of egg
production methods but they are campaigning hard to get it anyway and
they’ve maneuvered many egg producers into a position where they are
backing this destructive idea. Prior to the 1970’s there was no
precedent for federal regulation of pet breeding but they fought for
it, they got it, and they have been working to tighten the screws ever

How does HSUS have standing to sue on behalf of whales or elephants or
dogs or … anything? The only thing they really care about is the
money, they lie about how the donations are spent, they claim standing
anyway, and most courts go along. When a court refuses, they back away
and try something else.

No writing on the art of war says ‘copy the way your enemy attacks.’
Your enemy probably picked an attack that HE is good at and you
aren’t. However such writings do say ‘study your enemy’s methods and
learn from them.’ What can we learn from HSUS?

1. Attack. And also, ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK. THAT we can copy.

2. Big lies work, but then the speaker has to live with the lie.
Conclusion: Speak the TRUTH and keep doing it. MAKE HSUS OWN ITS LIES.

Do not be afraid to speak unpopular truth: The truth predicts the
future and people want to know the future.

3. Do not train your guns on your own ships, even if you disagree. How
often have you seen PETA go after HSUS (or vice-versa)? Or any other
of the AR organizations publicly say to another one “STOP THAT”?
Nobody in the movement says to anyone else “Don’t sue.” Nobody says
“Don’t try to get a law passed.” They have very different approaches,
sometimes they disagree strongly with one another — but they figure
every attack on animal ownership has some merit and they let it go.

We can learn A LOT from the AR movement on that.

Now we go to maximum magnification to look at our campaign in support
of animal ownership. When you look around OUR field of battle it’s
still early times organizationally. Pet-law is a great place to talk:
Very useful, but mainly as prep for doing things. The AKC is a
registry that ought see our war as its own, but they don’t: Evidently
we can look for little help from there. A few small organizations have
come and gone leaving scarcely a ripple on the surface.

Other than the AKC our big name organization is the NAIA. And what has
been the principle NAIA role? Why to shoot at all the others on our
side, especially when an organization or individual sets out to DO

Okay, so that’s not exactly right: In recent years the NAIA tactic has
been silence, maybe a golden brown waffle on the side: “We don’t care
for laws based on numbers” was their reaction to PAWS. The unifying
theme over the years has been “Let’s not upset (names of players on
the other side) because that might make things worse.”

Then they send out the snipers to take out OUR leadership. The Kessler
comments about Frank Losey’s work (forwarded here by Stormy) are only
the latest. I will not claim this is planned, but it is what is
they’re doing and it is damaging. The NAIA is behaving NOT like a
defense of our rights organization but like a sorority: Disagree with
a sister, we come after you. Should it be called Nu Alpha Iota Alpha
rather than NAIA?

I have bitten my tongue on this from the very early days of pet-law
when the idea of a Yahoo Group devoted to the subject was a sniper
target because it was seen as a diversion/division of resources. It is
pointless for outsiders to disagree with sorority policy and
undignified to get in fights with the Sisters. And as many people here
know, I have often throttled back NAIA discussions (compared to those
about the AKC for example) for those (privately stated) reasons.

But “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under
the heaven … a time to keep silence, and a time to speak.”

Look over the history at any tactic on our side: Can you remember one
that came from NAIA? Or one that came from somewhere else and was
supported by NAIA? They do an outstanding conference, they have a
useful web site, and the sniper sisters are pretty good at what they
do. NAIA defense-of-rights campaigns? Name one …

The appearance is of an organization more interested in protecting its
own relationships with the likes of Chester Gipson than in winning our
war. Dr. Gipson is the LED of public officials: Bright but low power.
Doesn’t matter to us what he says or does unless we were to convince
him that APHIS is about to stick an appendage in a pencil sharpener
and get him to scare his bosses into a rethink. This is not a man
before whom animal owners should be touching foreheads to the ground.

We’ve seen this movie before: Our paid lobbyists who discouraged
grassroots campaigns for no reason we could figure out, until we
discovered that the lobbyist was selling us out to his other clients
and figured that our grassroots would get in his way.

List time devoted to this topic would be pretty much a waste and will
be strictly limited, though if Patti or an official representative of
NAIA wants to respond that’ll be fine. In my dreams NAIA would quietly
and privately reconsider its (de facto) policies, stop kissing
official anatomy, and shut down the snipers. If they cannot support an
action then critique it privately and let it go. AND THEN WHEN

What NAIA is today should be mostly ignored. What it has claimed to be
— Patti and husband Rod wrote the BOOK on the AR movement and defense
of our rights for cripesake! — is needed badly. It’s up to them to

Walt Hutchens
Timbreblue Whippets


and last but NOT Least– see this example off a “criminology blogspot” ad site:

By: Scott Hall
      “Somewhere in the world an animal is being abused in some way, right now.  How do I know this? I have seen it on the advertisements on television, in the postings on social media outlets such as Face Book and have heard it in the radio advertisements over local broadcasting stations.  Why animals receive abuse is subject to debate, but the fact remains it happens.  Is it because we go too far in our discipline of stopping bad acceptable behavior or maybe something inside our mind makes us rationalize we are top of the food chain and it’s “Just an stupid animal”.  Animals of all types do talk to each other, and interpret sounds; noises and environments just not in our traditional languages and the Criminology and Justice systems around the globe have helped to create laws that protect the interests of these creatures. “

                                Well now we know that animal abuse is legendary because it’s on:


                                IN OTHER WORDS, ADVERTISING WORKS WELL

                                        WHEN YOU HAVE MILLIONS TO SPEND


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